Monday, 27 May 2013

Murky Monday: When will the rain end?

I don't think we've been properly dry for a week. This rain is making us squirrely!

Jack enjoying his first Timbit over the weekend on a VERY rainy walk. 
 While it hasn't rained consistently all week, it's been threatening to nearly 24/7. We always seem to get caught in some kind of drizzle when we go out.  Yet it hasn't been cold enough to wear a big rain coat just incase of rain, so I'm usually in non-rain appropriate sweaters or coats when it does come down. I have to admit that everything looks lovely and green since it has been rainy.  The leaves are all out and beautiful and gardens are really flourishing.  But for some reason I can't seem to shake off this damp chill from all the cool weather.

Was able to spy our froggy friend in the pond for the first time this season. :) so wonderful to see him!
Because of threatening rain we haven't been to the zoo or the park in quite some time. It's been a lot of backyard play and trips to the mall to walk. I must say its getting a little too routine for me and maybe even for Jack.  Of course he enjoys his time out back, and the rain makes for interesting discoveries like moss on trees and puddles in his toys.
The Crazy Coupe holds a nice basin of rain water for him to dunk his hands into. Brrrrr! 
He adored running his hands all over the wet mushy moss on the fence side of the tree.  The texture was just out of this world to him and he insisted on picking and poking it for quite a while. 
I love getting up to the mall for a walk about and to do some errands, but its been every day this week it feels like.  I like getting in the exercise of doing laps of the strip and Jack loves the flirting he gets to do with all the cashiers. He also LOVES to watch the big fish in centre court and visit his friends the Lion and Jeep (two coin operated rides he has never experienced but loves to sit on). But I find I can't trust Jack to hold my hand and walk through the mall without plunking onto the ground and rubbing his hands all over the floor. Yuck.

These are his car buddies: Bear & Bear and Kitty. He loves them dearly and holds them the whole time we drive places babbling importantly to them like a parent or tour guide.  This week we have been in the car lots rather than biking places. (Don't ask why we have two identical bears, its a long story.) 
I'm going to give up trying to hide from the rain tomorrow and just dress up extra warm wherever we go.  Maybe if I give up on holding out for sunshine it will appear sooner!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!


  1. I love that you take Jack outside everyday, even in the rain. I think fresh air and nature are two very important parts of living... and rain is almost safer to be in than the sun and heat... wait til Jack meets earwigs and big fuzzy spiders... ewwwww....

  2. Sending some sunshine your way fm Ont

    Love Nana & Grampie