Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day: Wardrobe Refresh and a handpicked flower!

Hey, Momma. Happy Mother's Day! I thought it would be a perfect day to pick you a flower for the first time.  (MELTED MY HEART)
My little Major Hunk stealing my heart. <3 
Oh yuck. I should have rethought this digging in the dirt business.

Just wanted to share a bunch of great shots of Jack. Why? Because being his mom is the best job around :) I had a wonderful playdate alone with him in the backyard when the rain stopped for a teeny bit today. I hope everyone enjoyed a Mother's Day either with their mom or children! Or both!
"I can catch it!" Playing catch from the top of the deck - he missed every time and got beamed in the head. 
Jack after getting beamed in the head... ah, life. He loves it. 
I had a wonderful weekend shopping with Scott (the best clothes shopper around!) and for Mother's Day he helped me pick a bundle of summery clothes. Last summer I got by wearing very old prepregnancy clothes and maternity things. Now that I'm not breast feeding or pregnant (like the previous two summers) I was ready for a wardrobe refresh!
Summery salmon tee and yellow capris!
Scott is my favorite person to shop with because he is patient, honest and picks out lots of fun things that are so me! (And sometimes I'm just too chicken to try! Like my new favorite item: sunshine yellow pants!) I will try to share pics daily of my outfits this week to show off our great finds ! Happy Mother's Day to me!
Sniffing a dandelion with a snotty nose = hilarious pollen nose! 
Looking up at the birdies at the feeder! 
Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Mommy-celebrating Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. What a young gentleman! Melted my heart too. All the best fm the UK.