Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Growing boy: Time to get some new summer kicks!

As the seasons change I realize only too much how Jack has grown since we moved back to Nova Scotia.  I am pulling out more zipper up sweaters from our mountain of clothes and tucking away the winter coats.  Trading in thick fleecy mittens for the thinner dollarstore variety (you know the kind you used to make those adorable "hand-bunnies" out of) to keep his hands warm but not sweaty on our morning strolls.  I was aghast to figure out that the shoes that were pretty tight in November look like doll clothes next to Jack months later.  Its hard to believe that in a few months from now I will look back on these and think "How did his fat little feet ever cram into these?!" Either way he's going to keep growing and I need to keep ontop of it. Because his adorable Bogs with shorts just is comical.

What was supposed to be a side trip while we were in New Minas settling some house-buying things turned out to be the main trip when our insurance agent had to reschedule the meeting. (It was the main event EXCEPT for snapping a picture of our future home with SOLD sign on it - yippeeee!) Which is just as well because Jack has developed another snotty cold that festered into a fever before bedtime.  He had just the right amount of excitement getting new shoes today and rocking out to tunes for the drive up and back. (a combination of Raffi and Much Dance 2010 - we indulge each other's musical tastes haha!)

After some quick research and a phone call earlier today I tracked down a store that sold my shoe brand of choice - Pediped. Jacks little feeties fit nicely into them, great styles, and I find the quality is there to last until he is ready to outgrow them.  "Go While you Grow" is this really sweet, locally owned shop on commercial street in New Minas.  The moment I walked in their cheery door bell set the tone.  They have a great selection of brands I adore and products I would actually use.  I know that for some things a quick run to the corner store might do, but when it comes to things like strollers, car seats, cloth diapers, shoes etc it is always a plus to have a store that specializes in them with informed and professional employees.

Got all the fixings for a quick road trip back to Greenwood!
Jack enjoyed flitting about the place in his sock feet (yup I brought my kid to the shoe store with NO shoes because the only ones that fit him are winter boots. And he was in a polo with kakhi shorts) which was the lesser of two evils.  One thing I LOVE about stores (any kind of store, not just kid stores) is when they have a kids section to play in.  Like how Chapters has the train table that is meant for playing and not "well your kid touched this so you must buy it" kind of place.  While waiting our turn to get Jack fitted for his shoes (Yes, someone actually measured his foot rather than doing the process of elimination with too big or too small shoes. Awesome) we played with all of their awesome things and I tallied up an elaborate wishlist reciept for the amazing things I would like for our soon-to-be downstairs playroom.
They're ours now - into the mud muck and sticks!
When it came to fitting Jacks shoes it was pretty quick because I had a good idea of what I wanted and the first pair on his feet stole my heart! I also had a "mommy-moment" of when-did-he-get-to-be-such-a-big-kid? too. (Geesh its hard work this mommy stuff) We did try another pair for comparison which were also very adorable just the wrong colour for playing in mud, goat poop and wet grass which apparently is Jack's new specialty.  I was also pleased as punch to find they sell a wide range of cloth diapering paraphernalia including the special detergent we buy to wash his. They are also starting a cloth diapering sort of discount club next month which I will be all over!

And off he zooms!
All in all - we got the best service and the cutest kicks in town. Gotta love it!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our cutie-shoes Happily Hectic Household!

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