Thursday, 16 May 2013

First Haircut, Garbage Picking and Keeping Busy on a Gloomy Day!

We woke up this morning to gloomy weather. I don't know exactly what it is about morning - but I love it! Everything starting fresh and the whole day ahead of you to accomplish things. Somehow though I love it less when it's gloomy out, which isn't really fair. Regardless of how I felt inside I resolved to carry on with our normal walk and play for the morning.
He made himself especially pathetic on the chair striking a "woe is me pose"... I wasn't the only one not enjoying the gloomy weather!
Except one wonderful little thing turned it all around. Gloom or no gloom it is big garbage day coming soon, which means my usual walk sceanary was filled with interesting things to look at. I'm not much for picking through other people's things but when they have something I want in good condition I have no qualms about taking it. Excitingly, we came upon two items on one street I was stoked about - a kids desk and an art easel.
Desk that needs some stickers removed from it, but it opens nicely for storage! Adorable art easel with chalk board and clip attachment for big painting or drawing pictures. Oh yes :)
 Sadly though they were much too big to handle while walking Lucy and pushing a stroller so I had to part with them and power walk home another 25 minutes before being able to get back to them with the car. Thankfully they were both still there!
Excited about our good finds :)!
Yippee for free things and saving something from heading into the landfill. As an added bonus I was getting geared up to search Kijiji for these things so I was ever so pleased to happen upon them by chance :).

Since it was gloomy and cool we opted not to go to the zoo today. We spent extra time playing and reading inside which inspired me to tackle his little frizz ball hair do. I have deliberated the "haircut" for a while with Jack.  I didn't want to cut off his little baby curls which we LONG anticipated, but they honestly were not holding their curls any longer and he loved to tug at it causing it to go all frizzy.  With him on my lap flipping pages of his books I had a good look at his little scraggle mess and got busy with the scissors. With a little help from our friends Kipper and Pingu I was able to give Jack a smart little haircut in no time :)! I kept the little locks I cut off, but honestly they were rarely curly and mostly Kramer-like.

Here is the before shot of his frizzy little mullet...
Bahah - that is a photobomb if I ever saw it!
I had no idea how creepy I looked while getting the before shot of his hair!
The after shot of it all tidied up (and Kipper going strong on the iPad)...
After! All cleaned up and very handsome :)
I saved the little pieces in a baggy labelled with the date and "first hair cut" and tucked it into his baby book.  After his haircut we were ready to get out and enjoy some fresh air! Fortunately it decided to get sunnier as we got dressed and headed out!

He was rambling off his wish list of things to do outside "Ball... dog... truck ... bird ... "
And he had the best time in the sun which we appreciated even more than usual after such a gloomy morning and mid afternoon! Hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy the weather, or that you got a good big garbage day find - both thrilling :)!
Happiest little boy!
Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. I love his little haircut. Good job, and good job on the street finds too!