Thursday, 23 May 2013

Exploring Margaretsville Beach!

On this lovely long weekend we enjoyed some decent weather for a bit - and headed to the beach as soon as the sun came out.  We dressed warm for heading to the shore but as it turns it out it was beautiful and warm.

Scott doing his "I discovered this land!" pose
We had a ton of fun introducing Jack to the rocks (he LOVES throwing rocks - just as much as he did here) although it was tricky walking on them with such little feeties. He did really well and by the end he had his "rock legs" as Grammie called them and he could motor all over the place.

We did need to carry him for part of the journey to the waterfall though, otherwise it would have taken us years to get there with Jack stopping ever 10 feet to sit down and pick up rocks.

Finally at the waterfall! It was loud rushing water and Jack really enjoyed the spray from it. He wanted to be RIGHT in there, we had to hold him back for sure.

Daddy had to get in on the rock throwing!
Papa was the baby wrangler - he got Jack pretty close to the water without getting him soaked.  Jack loved feeling the water splash him from the falls and he enjoyed his superman suspension over the flowing stream.

We finally settled into a good spot and Jack had a good stack of rocks that he could throw and throw into his little pool of warm stinky water.  Papa and Scott were focused on a bigger target - ocean!

After 1.5 hours at the beach he was pretty tired and ready for a lay down on the pet bed before dinner.  We will definitely need to head back there soon when the weather is agreeable.  Its been days of rain here and we have be lucky to get out twice on the bike.  And we have been poured on all week in the morning raining.  Come on summer, we are ready for you!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our rock-throwing Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. so so jealous..wish we were there throwing them rocks and livin' the dream. Glad to see Jack is carrying on the 'water baby' tradition at the falls. :) KofO