Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Pom Pom Busy Bucket

Putting together something for your kid is really fun - but it is more fun when they actually LIKE what you made. Hahah, Pinterest is full of a ton of great DIY things for kids. But there are many things I wouldn't bother attempting because I know that Jack wouldn't give it two minutes of his time and it would crush my soul.

Don't worry, this is a good one! For a kid that doesn't like to sit still and do something quietly (Oh yes unless of course it is watching Elmo, aka baby crack) he really has taken to this game. It is really simple - take the handful of pom poms and push them through the hole. Take off the lid and start all over! Best of all you can make this from simple inexpensive materials.

Talk about cheap - all these craft things for $3 at Dollarama. Oh Baby!
Pom Pom Busy Bucket
Container with lid that can be easily cut (Yogurt container, coffee can, puffs container!)
Pom Poms

Lets make it!

Before I go through this I just want to point out that if your little one loves to put things in their mouth that this might not be a good idea. Don't say I didn't warn you - pom poms could be tempting to a toddler! Use your common sense.
Cover your can/bucket with whatever kind of paper suits your mood. I went with two stripey scrapbook pages because I felt like it. I'm not even sure you need to recover it - that is just for whimsy.
Next size up your pom poms. Go with making your hole slightly smaller than the biggest pom pom so they have to work for getting one into the hole and they won't fall back out of the can easily if shaken violently.

Lastly ... set it up infront of your toddler. Likely they are star mimickers like Jack and can totally get the hang of it once you demonstrate it a couple times.  Jack needed encouragement for the bigger ones (so don't mind my mommy voice cheering him on) because he had to work harder to get them through the hole.

I love his little happy shimmy dance he does while waiting for the lid to come off the bucket. Life is good.
I love that he is practicing some great fine motor skills while feeling it is fun! He loves chasing around the pom poms and putting them into the bucket.  Another thing we are practicing is learning to take turns which is a huge challenge for Jack, or any typical kid his age. 
I also adore the fact that for a few minutes he is sitting still and playing so I can plop him on the floor in the kitchen and get some things done without chasing him madly around every few minutes off of the coffee table, the couch, the chairs or the pets.

I think I would love to make another one that is smaller and could be a two person game for in the car or while we are out at appointments etc. Definitely give it a try - nice to steal a few quiet minutes of playtime a couple times a day :).

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our busy bucket loving Happily Hectic Household!

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