Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Having fun the kid way!

I think it is too easy to forget the awesomeness of being a kid when your life as a grown up is filled with a lot of responsibility.  I think it is much too easy to ignore the simple fun things available to us every day.  That is why we have kids - to help us see the fun in even the most mundane grocery trip!
Seriously Momma? Why don't we ALWAYS USE THIS CART?!
We had to run out to get a couple groceries this afternoon instead of hitting up the zoo.  It certainly was not my first choice but we were getting low on several important things so off we went.  I have always thought the "race car carts" at the grocery store were so cool but I never seem to get them.  Don't ask me why, I guess I am just focused on getting the groceries done.  I also maybe didn't put enough stock in their "cool" factor. Today it was easily accessible at Sobeys and so I went for it. Not only did Jack have a blast but together we were in fits of laughter buzzing around the aisles. I'm not sure we will ever be able to do normal groceries again.
Amazingly cool racing flames make for the most awesome grocery experience ever!
Jack was so excited to be buckled in he immediately go on the horn beeping, steering both wheels and shouting "TOOT TOOOT' at everyone we passed.  That's right - future aggressive driver haha. Or maybe just wanted  to show off his convertible sports car with flames!
Taking a break from driving and eating at the wheel!
You may remember at the beginning of April we celebrated Papa's birthday with many wonderful things.  Jack absolutely LOVED the helium balloon and I'm not going to lie - so did EVERYONE in the house. The cats attacked the ribbon, we enjoyed cutting the ribbon shorter and shorter as it got older to keep it at an equilibrium. We snickered at all the funny places it ended up too.  Anyway yesterday it reached the end of its life so a helium balloon was on the grocery list.  I was going to pick something with a silly phrase on it or picture... until Jack saw from 40ft away what he wanted.  And I couldn't blame him one bit - its HUGE! (and of course a tractor which is his obsession!)
We seriously got a lot of looks which I think were secretly envious because we were having so much fun. Race car cart AND a helium baloon - a child's dream!
Holding on tight to the balloon - this one really wanted to take off!
We caused a bit of a shouting and beeping sensation in Sobeys and I didn't help the situation by egging him on.  I couldn't help it - he was beaming and squealing. The older people shopping (I think we were the only people under 60 out shopping on a Tuesday afternoon) were giggling and cooing over Jack.  I think he brightened up everyone's day with his sunshine smile and gleeful punching of the balloon.  And certainly most of all my afternoon I was previously grumpy about missing out on zoo time.  We really enjoyed our grocery trip and giggled the whole way home as the balloon bobbed around!

Sometimes letting go of your grown up mentality is the best way to enjoy the day. :) Jack is such a great person to spend the day with - he really knows how to have fun!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!


  1. Made me smile just reading the blog. Thanks - it's brightened my day considerably

    Love Grampie

  2. Hi Michelle,
    You and Jack can even make grocery shopping fun. Love the pictures.
    Love to all,
    Nana Dawn