Friday, 12 April 2013

Time to share our secret!

We have been keeping a secret. Well, not neccesarily a secret - but it hasn't hit the blog yet.

(And I would just like to say that THIS is why I haven't been faithfully blogging. My evenings and weekends are getting eaten up!)

We are currently house hunting! :) We are looking for that amazing forever home, and hopeful to find it for the right price, the right location and satisfies our checklist. You can see how this would be a daunting task because I do feel as though with anything comes compromise and we are doubtful there is THE perfect house out there. We're going to need to find something nearly there and then compromise and change it ourselves. That said, we aren't just setting for the first thing that comes along.

We have been on several viewings now (with and without Jack) and have seen a lot of different styles, surprised by what we find inside (good AND bad), and are genuinely enjoying the process. We are boggled by the options, decisions and choice out there. It really makes you step back and evaluate your deal breakers and checklist.

We have a wonderful relator who is more than happy to help us through the overwhelming task of house hunting and making that big leap to purchasing our first home. She has wonderful bits of wisdom she passes onto us from her own experience and helping others.

So we put it to you all you home owners, people out there searching: What sort of advice would you give to potential new home owners?  Its like having your first baby - everyone is giving us advice and it as a great way to learn little hints, tips and tricks to store away for the right moment. I so value the advice we are given from those who care, so dish! We would love to hear from you!

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  1. Think storage space! A 4-bedroom house may seem like plenty, but once it gets taken up with your room, baby room, potential baby room #2, an office, a work space, etc., unless you have storage space, you will end up like us... with boxes stacked in hallways and behind bedroom doors! Make sure you have room to store the crap you are sure to accumulate over the coming years!! :)