Thursday, 25 April 2013

The power of routine: Rain? What Rain?

Lucy and Jack are so routine driven most of our days are the same same same. We can expect eating, playing and napping (for both of them) to fall within the same times every day and to be honest I LOVE that. I love to be able to plan my day and what will get done when.

Of course there is one component I can't control - aiiie, the weather.  So when its pouring rain the show must go on! I wasn't too keen on heading out for our usual long walk at 8am but toddlers and dogs don't seem to be aware of the weather or care much about it.  I was secretly hoping that it would be the kind of day where Jack just played his time away and didn't drag out his boots and start demanding I put them on. And maybe Lucy would just continue nap one of ten for the day and sleep through everything.

Unsurprisingly it didn't happen and so here we are out in the rain! Once we were out in it I was surprised how warm and not that horrible it all was!

Kissy from an appreciative dog - she LOVES her morning walk rain or shine!
Lucy did seem to realize however that it was raining and after a while started with her soggy dog sooky face.  She enjoyed stopping under a tree for several minutes and pouting before carrying on home.  Rain soaked animals are hilariously pathetic and she takes the cake.  Of course that did not stop her and Jack insisting on our after walk back yard play hour.

I am so soggy. Sad soggy doggy. 
Jack has the best yellow rain slicker from Nana and Grampie. The buttons are SO adorable and are actually snaps on the inside so very functional! He even allowed me to keep his hood up so he stayed nice and dry.

That is of course until he hit the deck and started rolling around in the garden.  As much as he enjoys playing outside he will often refuse to get up when he's fallen down because he hates getting his hands into weird feeling textures like grass, dirt or wet patio stones.

By the time we came inside he was a mess of dirt and soggy sweatpants!  We enjoyed a snuggle under a warm blanket and watched Sesame Street. I don't know why but the rainy day seemed to tire him and Lucy more than usual because they were both unbelievably quiet and still during that hour! I had to check and make sure Jack was still awake at one point. And that I didn't fall asleep!

And today it was more of the same weather - but we didn't let that stop us! Fortunately the morning was  mild and dry but the afternoon was threatening showers.  We headed out anyway and had a blast at Oaklawn.  Like toddlers and dogs, the animals really don't mind the rain either.
Babies meeting babies. They were smitten. 
Hanging out in the barn with some lovely velvet eared goats (sheep?) while we waited out a heavy rain. 
Knowing our routine can survive the rain is wonderful news :) and getting outside always makes a huge difference in our day. Change of scenery and fresh air just plain feels good.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our pro-rainy-day Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. World's cutest canary!

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