Monday, 15 April 2013

Sunny Morning Crepes - We choose to see bacon!

Kraft Canada - you have a way of making me giggle at your add a "brick of philly" to most of your recipes while at the same time fostering an obsession with the food you present. Enter the Sunny Morning Crepes shared in the Kraft Canada magazine as a part of their Canadian Bed and Breakfast recipes feature.
Sunny Morning Crepes - Kraft Canada
We don't have that kind of energy in the morning to make this kind of elaborate recipe so it became a breakfast for dinner creation! And true to our attitude for trying new recipes, we tend to work from the picture and skim over the recipe. It is a potentially dangerous approach to cooking and while it isn't our policy on recipes, it just is the reality most times. Which incidentally worked out really well for this recipe.

Exposed! Here it is in the putting together stage before we put it in the oven all rolled up to melt that cheese!
We put together delicious crepes, filled with cream cheese, bacon, swiss cheese, asparagus and topped with a hollandaise.  In reality this recipe uses ham and sundried tomatoes - no bacon. We only realized that when it was time to assemble everything and I took one last glace over the recipe and noticed sundried tomatoes. Both of us burst into laughter and decided bacon is always better.

Before we dove right into it - I'm so proud I remembered to take a before snap!
I don't enjoy my food pictures being matched up with the ACTUAL food picture from the magazine all on one page - but for full disclosure I felt that we should be honest. Okay, so we aren't a bed and breakfast in Quebec with fancy linens and macho-hoopla awesome photography. But we do have bacon :)

Here it is halfway through. Its hard to believe I could stop shoveling it in long enough to take a picture but it was actually really filling. We doubted whether two stuffed crepes would be enough and has sausages waiting in the wings as a second course. Lets just say those sausages went right into tupperware and into the fridge for another day.

Delicious bacon-cream cheese-asparagus-hollandaise-crepey goodness.
Should you make this recipe? Definitely. We give it a many thumbs up review. If you want to make our rendition just skip the sundried tomatoes (who wants those little tomato-raisin bits anyway? I know I'm so cultured haha) and ham and substitute in oven-baked bacon. You won't be sorry! Check out the Kraft Recipe here. (I also see that they have some suggestions for making this a less time consuming meal and appropriate for breakfast-level energy.)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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