Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Practicing our animal noises in the best place - Oaklawn!

On a beautiful afternoon this week we headed out to Oaklawn and put our season pass to work.

How much do we love this place? SO much. And the beautiful weather really made it wonderful to be out in the fresh hour.

First of all this is the most famous picture of the week - Jack picking a goats nose. I didn't even look away for a moment, I just was getting my phone ready to take a picture and he decided to point his little finger and stuck it into his big slobbery nostril of a very still quiet goat. Oh life with boys.
So pleased with himself that we were eating our afternoon snack at the zoo.
He ate his snack at the zoo and then we got to it zooming around.  Momma pushing the stroller and Jack running around like a maniac.  He found his cow (a very worn ceramic cow) that he loves and hugged him like an old friend.

Jack loved to run and run and run and occasionally watched the animals. He was up close and personal with a llama, tiger and zebra. The zebra actually watched us have snack at the picnic table.

But as he ran and ran and ran, he made a point of stopping when he saw animals and mimicked sounds they were making. The turkeys were especially interesting and he loved to listen to their crazy warbling. He did learn to made a noise kind of like theirs and it has now been transfered to what ALL birds say. Its hilarious to hear.

We were up close and personal with Sterk - which is the new kid on the block in the lion family at the zoo. He's very curious and adorable. He was interested in Jack and enjoyed watching him run around (maybe a little TOO interested haha. Made Momma nervous!).

Found this along our travels at the zoo - Jack didn't really want to pose with the dragons but he was curious about how they fit into the whole scenario.  I can't get over how much of a big kid he looks like in this picture - where did my baby go? Goodness though, I'm enjoying his new stage.

And of course his many, many faces. This kid steals my heart - even with this face!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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