Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Little Boys: We like big Trucks and We cannot lie.

I sit here with my feet soaking in some funky tea tree oil footbath, nail polish ready including my new OPI nail envy (Thanks Ash!), and a glass of wine - because sometimes a mama just needs a mani/pedi night. I must say that this is the best way to blog haha.

Jack kept me on my toes the past few days! When the routine falls apart so does Jack! I think he has what we can call "Easter Hangover" suffering from not over-chocolating, but from so much fun. He had so much fun playing with Mimi, Papa, Kim, Grace and Caleigh and of course his mommy and daddy. We played and played and played and played.  But in all the excitement we forgot to rest during the day aside from his nap and have quiet snuggle times. Which as you likely know, leads to an overtired monster!

Today we are finally back into routine and he is enjoying a great balance of play and quiet play so hopefully he will settle better for naps and nighttime sleep.  Which leads me to today's outdoor play time - TRUCKS!

OMG momma... there are trucks out here! AND I can play with them in the dirt.
Jack loves trucks. He says truck, points them out, hollers "TOOT TOOT" and "BEEP BEEP", and loves making rumbley engine noises. He has a serious collection of trucks which are 90% handmedowns from his Auntie Chantal :). We are SO spoiled!

Fixing up the onion patch in the garden. Patting down the dirt and leveling it.
What I find so hilarious is that I never planted that seed in his mind "You must love trucks because thats what little boys like". He certainly took an interest himself and we've encouraged his little obsession. It is so funny to me how boys and girls can be so different on their own without any prompting. I'm not saying they are born to love trucks or barbies specifically, just that they come with their own set of interests! Proof that there are no genetic boundaries marked by colour or genre - this kid is in LOVE with a singing, pink, bedazzled wiener dog.
Moving the truck to the next flower bed to do some digging and grading.

Getting outside is honestly such a huge deal breaker for Jack.  It washes away any cranky pants mood that is festering and energizes him.  He zoomed around the backyard with his truck army for a whole hour without stopping for a moment.  He would just go from truck to truck to car and around again.

He loved zooming this car over the edges of the patio stone making it flip and jump into the air. Oh boy he makes me laugh.  This truck got its workout and is amazingly strong.

We were given a great car from our neighbor across the road.  Jack is slowly figuring out how to manuever in it but really just enjoys being pushed around.  I got my workout today halfbent running all around the yard pushing this darn this while he shrieked "MORE" and "Beeepbeepbeeeep!". Fifteen years from now we could have a speed demon hitting the roads. You've been warned!

I had no idea how much I would enjoy playing all the "Boy" things I didn't play when I was little.  I am exploring a whole new world right along with Jack. It totally makes up for the lack of tutus and hairclips. Not that its likely any daughter of mine will need hairclips until they are at least two based on Jacks hair growth haha.

Lucy watched us play from a safe height - today she knew it was only inevitable she would become roadkill in our backyard freeway antics.
After all the digging, racing, jumps and beeping Jack took his grader around the backyard for a leisurely drive in his car. What a guy.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our trucking-enthusiast Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. Tonkas are great! Enjoy little man - lots of trucks (not to mention "the Bug") when you come visit Ontario. Just wait until you discover the lake!!