Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Happy Birthday Papa!

Today we celebrated Papa's birthday early because they are heading to the city tomorrow and then away to Claire on the weekend. Jack had so many preparations to do!

We went to the store and bought the perfect Happy Birthday balloon. It was VERY windy outside today but don't worry Jack held onto the balloon super tight as we headed to the car... and then all the way home he decided to hold onto it too!

Finally he let go long enough to help decorate Papa's card. Jack is a sticker fiend! He loves sticking them down and had a blast colouring and sticking on stickers. We saved the best Thomas sticker for the front "You're a Really Special Engine!"

Jack loved the stickering so much it kind of turned into a Thomas the train collage inside the card.  He was very particular about which sticker went where so Momma was just in charge of helping get them off the sticker page and then he did not accept any interfering.

Mimi made delicious brownies with a ganache icing - YUM! Jack was very excited and confused about the whole process no matter how many times we watched "Elmo's World: Birthdays" today. He helped Mimi with the candles and led the parade into the dining room.

Jack was determined to get to the candles - so he settled on being able to help blow them out!

Papa is the new proud owner of an iPhone 5 and a cool case that operates as a holster! Very exciting times in our house!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our one-year-older-Papa Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Terry! Looks like a fun celebration! :o)