Friday, 26 April 2013

Film Friday: Playing Engineer at Roo's!

We loved trying out a new play place today - Roo's Playhouse at the mall! I remember going as a teenager and playing in the arcade but it has certainly changed since then.  We met up with some other kids and friends to enjoy a really cool afternoon. 
Jack explored a ballroom for quite a while before realizing there was a HUGE train table, shelves of cars, and a Jack sized train he could ride around on!

He was kinda unsure of the whole experience while I was video taping but he really did get into it when I was helping him push the button.

Toot Toot! Coolest train thing we have seen yet - I LOVE IT!
 He also discovered a music table which was really good fun because you could beat on it with the drum sticks and make lots of noise. Totally his thing!

We will definitely head back there soon - Jack pitched a fit of epic preportions when we left which is his latest toddler development but at least it shows he really enjoyed his time :)!  Thanks Diane and Michelle for introducing me to Roo's - We will be there again soon!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. For a second I forgot that you had just moved to NS...I was like "Ahhhhh Freddy just got this amazing play area after we moved!" ;) Looks like Jack and Felix have a love of trains in common! :) Toot toot! (Been obsessed with "Thomas the tank engine"!)
    Miss you guys!