Monday, 8 April 2013

Cloth Diapering: What to do about wipes?

Can I just say that Pinterest is going to be the death of me?! I honestly can't handle the amount of cool things I find on there. Some things are just so ingenious and simple I hate myself for not thinking of them first.  I also have the "Pin-it then read later" syndrome so anyone following me on Pinterest can be assured I do like 1% of the amazing things I end of pinning. This was one I saw pinned by a fellow Momma.  My jaw dropped when I read it and I thought "Oh god - why haven't I been doing this all along?"

Here it is simple and sweet: take the same amount of time to fold up your reusable cloth wipes in a way that makes them easy to pull out like tissues.  I consider this sort of knowledge powerful, you never know a scenario where you may use this. Of course I mean outside of cloth diapering. So others out there like me - read on! (And for all of you out there who already do that - yay you!)

I have been cloth diapering since Jack was born which brings me nearly to one and a half years of also using cloth wipes. How did I not know it was doing it wrong? Of course I questioned the insanity of folding facecloths in neat little piles only to have Jack terrorize them into a tornado of whirling distraction while I change his diaper. I also think that this method can be applied to other things like cloths for washing dishes (provided they aren't too thick).

I would have typed out my own description with pictures but it would basically be the EXACT same as this one - so just check it out here! They have an easy and colourful Step by Step.

To do this you will need a reusable wipe container which is relatively cheap and I use some baby facecloths (huge packs of them at department stores for cheap) and bamboo cloth. You can pre-wet them if you choose or do dry ones. I think in an ideal world it would be perfect to have one of each and perhaps one day this week I'll remember to buy another reusable wipe container haha.

Here mine are all folded up and ready to go ...

Just remember that it is SO easy to pull them out. Keep little hands away or you will be folding them up all over again!

And here mine fly as I try to snap some pictures...

... of course by the fist full.. gah!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our cloth-diapering-success Happily Hectic Household!

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