Thursday, 18 April 2013

Celebrating the mini milestones: Daily achievements!

One of the most exciting moments as a parent is watching your child reach those epic mile stones! As those of you who have read along since Jack was born - I have detailed his mile stones. They mark such amazing moments of achievement, discovery and freedom. I LOVED watching Jack get closer and closer to crawling, eating purees, first words and of course walking! But I think as Jack gets older I am more interested in the mini milestones.  I had to share a few of these because I am celebrating daily with Jack as he learns a little more and functions more like a little kid and less like a wild animal haha.

While sharing about milestones, I peeked back a year to see what Jack was up to.  It was a big day milestone wise, I even blogged twice in the day to update! He was mastering plank position!

 Awe - pudgy arms and baby baldness :) Unbelievable how he can look so much the same and so different!
Eating grapes that are only cut in HALF rather than how I used to pretty much mince them I was so scared he would choke.  And on the topic of grapes - he consistently eats the whole thing and actually chews them. In the past I have had trouble with him just gumming up a grape piece and spitting out the skin. Of course it wasn't just like a dainty spit, it was a big wad he would dribble down his chin and it would somehow cover his whole shirt by the time mealtime was finished.
Perfect action shot of the chewing - and of the half grape!
Toys are now becoming a real interest to him. They don't just crash into things, bang against tables and become projectiles.  Jack truly pays attention to each little toy and transfers attributes to them like a fairly accurate sound, movement and that it will interact with other toys under Jacks power.  I chose to share a picture of him playing with the hippo because we had a good chat (mostly me chatting Jack mimicking as usual) about how Hippos are one of the most dangerous animal in Africa because they are so aggressive and they make big roars. (Don't believe me? Hippos are dangerous!) Haha okay maybe I am giving him too much info - but he really does soak it up. (And I had to correct him, because a meowing hippo was just getting foolish.)  It turns out this particular hippo now roars at other things (including the pets), and stomps things (sadly sometimes the pets before I can stop him).
Checking out the hippos big teeth!
Based on the picture, this mile stone doesn't look like much. BUT IT IS! For anyone who has fed a baby/toddler they will appreciate the fact that the DRINK IS IN THE CUP HOLDER!  For as long as he has drank from a sippy cup (revisit that epic struggle here - you will be blown away how tiny he is!) he has thrown it around, banged it and routinely drove me nuts with it. And now that he has more of a vocab going its "Uh oh.. Momma... Help!" on repeat.  Jack is finally accepting that drinks can stay on the tray and they don't need to be flung across the room when you're not using them.  His little temper causing things to go flying from that seat occasionally but when he is happy go lucky the cup is starting to frequent the cup holder. Amen.

Speaking of "Uh oh... Momma... help. Help. HELP!" he is figuring out lots of little things that he used to give up on immediately.  Like hitching his little trailer onto the tractor, climbing up onto the couch, and many little things.  He has also successfully changed over from screaming "MOMMA MOMMA MOMMA" to "Help help help help help!" I'm loving it :).

All of these are HUGE victories. While I am calling them mini milestones - they are really quite big in our day to day life.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our milestone mastering Happily Hectic Household!

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