Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Happy Birthday Auntie Steph!

Today is my big sisters birthday! The big 2-9! Of course she's in Korea and long done celebrating and already into the next day by the time I post this. (Talk about belated!)  Jack and I wanted to do some really cute pictures for her wishing her a happy birthday. Of course sometimes my expectations and reality don't line up.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Our Next Big Adventure: A house!

We are happy to share we have finally bought our very first house! We viewed many homes for sale in the Valley and we just knew when we went through this one it was right.   It happened much sooner than we thought - but we are relieved to have the house hunt over and to get started on making this place our own!

It has got great bones in a great location in New Minas! Once we have done a few renovations it will be perfect for us. Of course - the moment we get possession of the house (May 31!) I will share a bunch of interior pics. (We want to respect the current owners privacy and not post pics of all their things!)

Stay tuned for some surely hilarious posts as we (YET AGAIN) get prepped to move into our house, choose paint colors, and pick out some new flooring! Thanks for everyone's advice, help and encouragement as we worked on finding our dream home :)

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Friday, 26 April 2013

Film Friday: Playing Engineer at Roo's!

We loved trying out a new play place today - Roo's Playhouse at the mall! I remember going as a teenager and playing in the arcade but it has certainly changed since then.  We met up with some other kids and friends to enjoy a really cool afternoon. 
Jack explored a ballroom for quite a while before realizing there was a HUGE train table, shelves of cars, and a Jack sized train he could ride around on!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The power of routine: Rain? What Rain?

Lucy and Jack are so routine driven most of our days are the same same same. We can expect eating, playing and napping (for both of them) to fall within the same times every day and to be honest I LOVE that. I love to be able to plan my day and what will get done when.

Of course there is one component I can't control - aiiie, the weather.  So when its pouring rain the show must go on! I wasn't too keen on heading out for our usual long walk at 8am but toddlers and dogs don't seem to be aware of the weather or care much about it.  I was secretly hoping that it would be the kind of day where Jack just played his time away and didn't drag out his boots and start demanding I put them on. And maybe Lucy would just continue nap one of ten for the day and sleep through everything.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Having fun the kid way!

I think it is too easy to forget the awesomeness of being a kid when your life as a grown up is filled with a lot of responsibility.  I think it is much too easy to ignore the simple fun things available to us every day.  That is why we have kids - to help us see the fun in even the most mundane grocery trip!
Seriously Momma? Why don't we ALWAYS USE THIS CART?!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Combining Flavours: Penguins in sauce (and don't skimp on the sauce!)

Jack is really expanding his food horizons more and more each day.  Just last night he ate a big plate of Jumbalia (a combination of spanish rice, BBQ chicken, italian sausage and shrimp) and loved it! He also is branching out in the world of crackers and has an addiction to anything that comes in a cracker sized box.  One of the most common words I think he says is "Cakcaw" or cracker to those who don't speak toddler. 

Something that he has taken to doing now is trying to dip his food in things. I am fully supporting this in the hopes that he will entertain the idea of veggies and dip or hummus or ketchup. Just anything to get him to eat more veggies.

And his new favourite is cheddar penguin crackers dipped in blueberry/apple sauce. He loves dipping it and more than that - he LOVED my first reaction to it which was complete surprise.  Then he thought it was so funny to do it over and over again.

After a while he just wanted a pile of applesauce so he could mush his cracker into it and eat them drenched in sauce.  I'm not gunna lie - that really grosses me out.  I don't enjoy soggy things AND I don't really care to have my food touching each other. I could be one of those adults who enjoy those plates with build in sections.

I am really pleased though that Jack is branching out and isn't being limited by my personal tastes - there is no way I'd ever think to do that for him.  He's developing his own recipes already!

Dirty face hamming it up!

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Friday, 19 April 2013

Film Friday: The Jekyll-Jack Syndrome

I'm sure that every parent has seen this - as your little one gets more and more tired they become what we call "changeable". One moment he's hysterically happy and the next he's boo hooey then right back to giggle monster. This was right before lunch time and he was apparently quite easy to entertain! Each time I wiggled my eyebrows he was just a gigglefest.

Watch for my favourite moment at around 38 seconds - what I call "Louie the Lip".

(Sorry for the bad orientation of the camera - I'll remember to shoot landscape from now on.)

What can I say - this little guy crashed hard for a 3 hour afternoon nap and then woke up to his peachy keen self again.
I just had to share this because I couldn't stop laughing - even Jack has watched this and giggled a bundle.

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Celebrating the mini milestones: Daily achievements!

One of the most exciting moments as a parent is watching your child reach those epic mile stones! As those of you who have read along since Jack was born - I have detailed his mile stones. They mark such amazing moments of achievement, discovery and freedom. I LOVED watching Jack get closer and closer to crawling, eating purees, first words and of course walking! But I think as Jack gets older I am more interested in the mini milestones.  I had to share a few of these because I am celebrating daily with Jack as he learns a little more and functions more like a little kid and less like a wild animal haha.

While sharing about milestones, I peeked back a year to see what Jack was up to.  It was a big day milestone wise, I even blogged twice in the day to update! He was mastering plank position!

 Awe - pudgy arms and baby baldness :) Unbelievable how he can look so much the same and so different!
Eating grapes that are only cut in HALF rather than how I used to pretty much mince them I was so scared he would choke.  And on the topic of grapes - he consistently eats the whole thing and actually chews them. In the past I have had trouble with him just gumming up a grape piece and spitting out the skin. Of course it wasn't just like a dainty spit, it was a big wad he would dribble down his chin and it would somehow cover his whole shirt by the time mealtime was finished.
Perfect action shot of the chewing - and of the half grape!
Toys are now becoming a real interest to him. They don't just crash into things, bang against tables and become projectiles.  Jack truly pays attention to each little toy and transfers attributes to them like a fairly accurate sound, movement and that it will interact with other toys under Jacks power.  I chose to share a picture of him playing with the hippo because we had a good chat (mostly me chatting Jack mimicking as usual) about how Hippos are one of the most dangerous animal in Africa because they are so aggressive and they make big roars. (Don't believe me? Hippos are dangerous!) Haha okay maybe I am giving him too much info - but he really does soak it up. (And I had to correct him, because a meowing hippo was just getting foolish.)  It turns out this particular hippo now roars at other things (including the pets), and stomps things (sadly sometimes the pets before I can stop him).
Checking out the hippos big teeth!
Based on the picture, this mile stone doesn't look like much. BUT IT IS! For anyone who has fed a baby/toddler they will appreciate the fact that the DRINK IS IN THE CUP HOLDER!  For as long as he has drank from a sippy cup (revisit that epic struggle here - you will be blown away how tiny he is!) he has thrown it around, banged it and routinely drove me nuts with it. And now that he has more of a vocab going its "Uh oh.. Momma... Help!" on repeat.  Jack is finally accepting that drinks can stay on the tray and they don't need to be flung across the room when you're not using them.  His little temper causing things to go flying from that seat occasionally but when he is happy go lucky the cup is starting to frequent the cup holder. Amen.

Speaking of "Uh oh... Momma... help. Help. HELP!" he is figuring out lots of little things that he used to give up on immediately.  Like hitching his little trailer onto the tractor, climbing up onto the couch, and many little things.  He has also successfully changed over from screaming "MOMMA MOMMA MOMMA" to "Help help help help help!" I'm loving it :).

All of these are HUGE victories. While I am calling them mini milestones - they are really quite big in our day to day life.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

[A few] Words Wednesday: Good Natured Goat Goading

I just can't do a blog post without words. I even cheat and squeeze in extra words into my little end blub yet today it wasn't enough room.  Let me stress firstly, how much Jack LOVES these goats.  Secondly, how much he loves to play with the corn machine. It turned out to be heavenly for him because that rattling that corn machine is like a doorbell! 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Pom Pom Busy Bucket

Putting together something for your kid is really fun - but it is more fun when they actually LIKE what you made. Hahah, Pinterest is full of a ton of great DIY things for kids. But there are many things I wouldn't bother attempting because I know that Jack wouldn't give it two minutes of his time and it would crush my soul.

Don't worry, this is a good one! For a kid that doesn't like to sit still and do something quietly (Oh yes unless of course it is watching Elmo, aka baby crack) he really has taken to this game. It is really simple - take the handful of pom poms and push them through the hole. Take off the lid and start all over! Best of all you can make this from simple inexpensive materials.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Sunny Morning Crepes - We choose to see bacon!

Kraft Canada - you have a way of making me giggle at your add a "brick of philly" to most of your recipes while at the same time fostering an obsession with the food you present. Enter the Sunny Morning Crepes shared in the Kraft Canada magazine as a part of their Canadian Bed and Breakfast recipes feature.
Sunny Morning Crepes - Kraft Canada
We don't have that kind of energy in the morning to make this kind of elaborate recipe so it became a breakfast for dinner creation! And true to our attitude for trying new recipes, we tend to work from the picture and skim over the recipe. It is a potentially dangerous approach to cooking and while it isn't our policy on recipes, it just is the reality most times. Which incidentally worked out really well for this recipe.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Time to share our secret!

We have been keeping a secret. Well, not neccesarily a secret - but it hasn't hit the blog yet.

(And I would just like to say that THIS is why I haven't been faithfully blogging. My evenings and weekends are getting eaten up!)

We are currently house hunting! :) We are looking for that amazing forever home, and hopeful to find it for the right price, the right location and satisfies our checklist. You can see how this would be a daunting task because I do feel as though with anything comes compromise and we are doubtful there is THE perfect house out there. We're going to need to find something nearly there and then compromise and change it ourselves. That said, we aren't just setting for the first thing that comes along.

We have been on several viewings now (with and without Jack) and have seen a lot of different styles, surprised by what we find inside (good AND bad), and are genuinely enjoying the process. We are boggled by the options, decisions and choice out there. It really makes you step back and evaluate your deal breakers and checklist.

We have a wonderful relator who is more than happy to help us through the overwhelming task of house hunting and making that big leap to purchasing our first home. She has wonderful bits of wisdom she passes onto us from her own experience and helping others.

So we put it to you all you home owners, people out there searching: What sort of advice would you give to potential new home owners?  Its like having your first baby - everyone is giving us advice and it as a great way to learn little hints, tips and tricks to store away for the right moment. I so value the advice we are given from those who care, so dish! We would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Practicing our animal noises in the best place - Oaklawn!

On a beautiful afternoon this week we headed out to Oaklawn and put our season pass to work.

How much do we love this place? SO much. And the beautiful weather really made it wonderful to be out in the fresh hour.

First of all this is the most famous picture of the week - Jack picking a goats nose. I didn't even look away for a moment, I just was getting my phone ready to take a picture and he decided to point his little finger and stuck it into his big slobbery nostril of a very still quiet goat. Oh life with boys.
So pleased with himself that we were eating our afternoon snack at the zoo.
He ate his snack at the zoo and then we got to it zooming around.  Momma pushing the stroller and Jack running around like a maniac.  He found his cow (a very worn ceramic cow) that he loves and hugged him like an old friend.

Jack loved to run and run and run and occasionally watched the animals. He was up close and personal with a llama, tiger and zebra. The zebra actually watched us have snack at the picnic table.

But as he ran and ran and ran, he made a point of stopping when he saw animals and mimicked sounds they were making. The turkeys were especially interesting and he loved to listen to their crazy warbling. He did learn to made a noise kind of like theirs and it has now been transfered to what ALL birds say. Its hilarious to hear.

We were up close and personal with Sterk - which is the new kid on the block in the lion family at the zoo. He's very curious and adorable. He was interested in Jack and enjoyed watching him run around (maybe a little TOO interested haha. Made Momma nervous!).

Found this along our travels at the zoo - Jack didn't really want to pose with the dragons but he was curious about how they fit into the whole scenario.  I can't get over how much of a big kid he looks like in this picture - where did my baby go? Goodness though, I'm enjoying his new stage.

And of course his many, many faces. This kid steals my heart - even with this face!

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Monday, 8 April 2013

Cloth Diapering: What to do about wipes?

Can I just say that Pinterest is going to be the death of me?! I honestly can't handle the amount of cool things I find on there. Some things are just so ingenious and simple I hate myself for not thinking of them first.  I also have the "Pin-it then read later" syndrome so anyone following me on Pinterest can be assured I do like 1% of the amazing things I end of pinning. This was one I saw pinned by a fellow Momma.  My jaw dropped when I read it and I thought "Oh god - why haven't I been doing this all along?"

Friday, 5 April 2013

Fresh Air is Refreshing!

Sometimes a cool crisp breeze is all you need to kick a grumpy mood and a grey-cloud over your day.

And as an added bonus hours of fresh air happens to be the best sleep-aid. Yippee for 3 hour naps :)

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Happy Birthday Papa!

Today we celebrated Papa's birthday early because they are heading to the city tomorrow and then away to Claire on the weekend. Jack had so many preparations to do!

We went to the store and bought the perfect Happy Birthday balloon. It was VERY windy outside today but don't worry Jack held onto the balloon super tight as we headed to the car... and then all the way home he decided to hold onto it too!

Finally he let go long enough to help decorate Papa's card. Jack is a sticker fiend! He loves sticking them down and had a blast colouring and sticking on stickers. We saved the best Thomas sticker for the front "You're a Really Special Engine!"

Jack loved the stickering so much it kind of turned into a Thomas the train collage inside the card.  He was very particular about which sticker went where so Momma was just in charge of helping get them off the sticker page and then he did not accept any interfering.

Mimi made delicious brownies with a ganache icing - YUM! Jack was very excited and confused about the whole process no matter how many times we watched "Elmo's World: Birthdays" today. He helped Mimi with the candles and led the parade into the dining room.

Jack was determined to get to the candles - so he settled on being able to help blow them out!

Papa is the new proud owner of an iPhone 5 and a cool case that operates as a holster! Very exciting times in our house!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our one-year-older-Papa Happily Hectic Household!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Little Boys: We like big Trucks and We cannot lie.

I sit here with my feet soaking in some funky tea tree oil footbath, nail polish ready including my new OPI nail envy (Thanks Ash!), and a glass of wine - because sometimes a mama just needs a mani/pedi night. I must say that this is the best way to blog haha.

Jack kept me on my toes the past few days! When the routine falls apart so does Jack! I think he has what we can call "Easter Hangover" suffering from not over-chocolating, but from so much fun. He had so much fun playing with Mimi, Papa, Kim, Grace and Caleigh and of course his mommy and daddy. We played and played and played and played.  But in all the excitement we forgot to rest during the day aside from his nap and have quiet snuggle times. Which as you likely know, leads to an overtired monster!

Today we are finally back into routine and he is enjoying a great balance of play and quiet play so hopefully he will settle better for naps and nighttime sleep.  Which leads me to today's outdoor play time - TRUCKS!

OMG momma... there are trucks out here! AND I can play with them in the dirt.