Monday, 4 March 2013

When you fall in love...

... it just happens! You can't predict it or explain how or why!

Jack has fallen in love with an $9 adorable bunny from Shoppers Drugmart. The moment he picked it up and hugged it he was in love. He loves to snuggle this bunny when going to sleep, EVEN MORE than snuggling with Mommy or Daddy. He holds the bunny for his nighttime bottle and enjoys playing pretend with the bunny whether it is singing, feeding or dancing. 

The bunny started off being named Cordy - because its a cord fabric. But then that got switched to Gordy - and now finally Geordi. We landed on Geordi because (you guessed it I'm sure if you are a trekkie) he is one of our favs. Although our Geordi doesn't come with a visor or knowledge of engineering. Just lots of love!

Star Trek - Geordi Laforge! We love him. 
Oh right - and we bought two.  Once Jack fell in love I didn't want him losing it somewhere and being heartbroken or it coming with an unfortunate accident. So we have Geordi I & II. Just in case...

Haha Jack couldn't believe when he saw both of them together. We'll have them out to make sure they are worn down the same and washed equally. That way we can always have a replacement for later if needed (or we can just have twin bunny friends to send him off to college with haha).
Adorable :)
It was amazing to see Jack fall in love with Geordi instantly and not look back. I grew up with a puppet bear that was my absolute best stuffed friend. I know there is a lot of contraversy around security items but I think when handled properly they can be a kids best friend, confidant and snuggle buddy.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our bunnified Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. Grampie M also had a bunny that he loved when he was a boy. Good idea about getting two. Nana Dawn got busted trying to throw "Bugs" out after he got particularly worn and scuzzy in North Bay. Major work required to rehabilitate him to keep him going for a few more years. I think I'm still traumatized by the event! Love to all