Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Sleep!

I think this is one of the biggest challenges facing new parents. Thankfully if you chose to there is a wide world of books, blogs, advice and even online chat forums to find the best solution for you. I know that everyone tackles sleep differently which makes totally sense because each kid is different. (We followed "Happy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" and it changed our lives. No joke! If you're curious, or have questions feel free to contact me!)

Today's cat nap :) Love this kid!
Which leads me to Jack and his great nap journey. This kid naps like its his job. Since we established sleep training the major issues of sleep have disappeared. But the time has come for little mister to give up his two nap system as he was struggling to maintain a full nights sleep AND sleep 4 hours a day. So we are working to bring him to a long midday nap.

Oh good god - I forgot what it was like to have an overtired kid. Our system of sleep for Jack does a preemptive strike so we don't see that crazy-terrible side of him. The extreme emotional mood swings combined with the tantrums and hyper activity transforms him into a kid I don't know. I chose not to take pictures to share on my blog today - but I promise you there were many opportunities in the last month. Who wants to see a sleep deprived screaming kid? Me either.

Actually used our "fully reclined" position on the BOB. I haven't used that since last summer , I even had to stand there on the sidewalk and silently tinker with all the straps to remember how to do it. 
So that brings us to the last week of success. Okay well actually 4 days of success and I am rounding up to call it a week. The secret to Jacks success lies within a early morning catnap that is CUT SHORT to 30 mins (although its tempting to just leave him sleep) and getting him down at 12. Truthfully I LOVED Jack napping 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. But I'm now learning that one long (2-3) hour midday nap is much nicer. It gives us the freedom to get out early and I don't have to rush back to get him to sleep.

"Hmmmmm. Sleep is so awesome" I love when he is happy. He was posing for me saying "Hmmmmmmmmmmm" after his nap yesterday. Even rocking the teeniest amount of bed head. 
I look forward to getting everything sorted out, but I now feel like we are on the right track. I love to have a well rested happy boy. Makes for well rested happy parents :) and Grandparents. And doggy. (Cats seem daily indifferent to Jacks moods unless he decides to sit on them in his anger. Which sadly has happened.)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our sleep-LOVING Happily Hectic Household!

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