Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Reptiles Rule!

We decided to take in some of the activities that are going on this week throughout the town during March break.  Since Jacks cold has disappeared nearly as quickly as it came on we wanted to take on something fun today! I thought of hitting up a local play group or toddler swim, but after our early morning walk Jack demanded nap time (actually - he yelled BABA and grabbed his Geordi and headed for his chair in his room to snuggle before sleep) so we passed on anything structured today. He is enjoying catching up on sleep and play.
After he woke up we ate a quick lunch and walked up to the mall where they were having a Reptile Show! It was really fascinating - and a little scary!!

Approaching the snake cage - scary and exciting! He quickly forgot he was scared when the snake slithered over to check Jack out.
We watched the show where the people held a HUGE boa constrictor all wrapped about themselves. Its body was as thick as my thigh at least. Jack was very interested in the creatures and especially the big snake. Despite their talk of it being merely curious of people and very friendly we didn't go up to pet it. (I'm still shivering thinking about that big snake - and I don't even mind them until they're in real life with no cage!)
Jack intently listening to the show as they held up a mini croc.
Once the snake was petted he headed back to his display cage and we went over to get a very up and close personal look at it.  There were actually two on display and I've never seen snakes SO active in a cage. Usually they sleep whenever I've seen them so it was really neat to watch them slither and smell their world.
I did take Jack out of the stroller and let him get down right infront of the cage to look in. I couldn't take any pictures because I had a firm grasp on both his hands. He went RIGHT up to the wire and the snake flickered his tongue and sniffed Jack. I could have died - Jack was loving it. He roared (he thinks all of these reptiles make "RROOOOOAR" noises like a dinosaur) and laughed waving his fingers frantically despite my iron grip on him.
Whether the snake was sniffing him thinking "Omnomnom LUNCH" or "This kid just ate Cheerios" I will never know. But he looked interested in Jack!
I think exposing little kids to animals is an awesome thing (obviously, we practically run our own zoo). Jack is a natural animal lover and is learning to respect all creatures - no matter how furry or scaly! Count down is on until Oaklawn Farm opens up - 17 days!!!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our reptilian-loving Happily Hectic Household!

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