Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Paint with Water. ALOT of it.

This Tuesday has been a wild one! Unbelievably Jack has gotten another cold - more of a cough this time than runny nose but it always sets our whole routine off. Anyway despite all the craziness of the day, running errands and mailing two very important parcels (Birthday package for Baby Grey and MY FIRST Etsy sale yippeee! Thanks Pelley!) we got home to get dinner started and do some creative playing.

While cruising Pinterest I read that a great activity to do with toddlers is to try the paint with water pages. Simple activity, cheap supplies and easy cleanup. How excited were we to play with these new Melissa & Doug books Grammie picked us up from her book guy? (Also very affordable at AllStarLearning.ca which is a very cool Canadian website that I just discovered. I'm totally making a wish list!)
VERY EXCITED! (also a little scary looking haha - Jack is totally into making faces like me. Love it)

We got started by clearing a BIG work area on the table. The key to these sort of activities is accept that it WILL NOT be the masterpiece you envision, but its likely that it will be a blast if you let the child lead.  So I firmly held the container of water and showed Jack the paintbrush. I dipped, got some paint going on it and did a little brush stroke. He immediately imitated me - then moved onto his own plan. He loved swishing all the colours together, flicking water around, stabbing the painting with the brush, then using handfuls of water to finish off the look. 
Jack did a great job painting away. Everything was new and exciting and he tried lots of different techniques. 
What I didn't know about painting like this that Jack apparently knew is that you must use A LOT of water. Haha, handfuls actually. His masterpiece, his style!

Fat little hands loving the splashing action.
I know that Jack might be young to be painting such complex pictures, but its not really about colouring inside the lines, getting the brush just right or even using the paint properly. We just had fun trying out different things in his world. A bowl of water, paint brush, paints and combining them all into something really fun.
Voila! Its fabulous!
This guy loved it so much we saw quite the crying production as Momma put it away for another day. Good thing there are 20 pages to a book haha, this could become a daily thing. He was more than happy to sit on my lap and play for a good 20 minutes. And he would have played longer but I had to cut it short because dinner was baking in the oven and ready to be taken out. I'm a big fan of the no mess paint also where there isn't a lot of mixing, cleaning, splattering etc. Loving this!
Since he had a hard time ending the activity and saying bye bye to the paints, we pulled out our fav Elmo colouring book and washable crayons (they are wonderful!) for a bit more colouring once dinner was done in the oven. He loves taking the crayons out of the box and then putting them all back in the right way up. TOTALLY like his Daddy. :)
I totally plan to do another messier paint adventure 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!


  1. Ohhh Water paint! I never thought of that, great idea! Thomas totally loves colouring and putting the crayons back in the box too lol

    1. Haha well I'm glad Jack is in good company when it comes to crayon sorting! The watercolor painting has worked out great definitely give it a try :)