Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday Family Sledding!

BEST Jack Photo we've gotten sledding :)!

OH yes - the hill got bigger! Papa (He's been upgraded so there is an actual chance Jack will be able to say his name!) has been working hard to smooth out the sledding path and created a walking path for us. With more mild weather coming this week (YES!!!) we need to get lots of use out of our sledding hill!
Daddy pushing Momma and Jack down the hill!
I can tell you that we got MUCH more of a workout running around carrying Jack, the sled and climbing the little mountain than we thought! It was pretty mild out so we were sweating a bunch. Good fun though - Daddy LOVED getting a chance to sled with us because he missed it during the week. 
Boys laughing at Mommy dancing in the pathway. 
 We nearly made it to the ditch on the crazy carpet which is a measure of a great run - but we're glad we didn't get the whole way there!! The ditch is holding lots of water so its a good thing we stopped at the tree. The crazy carpet went really fast but Jack needed help riding it and so it made for a lot of wet soggy jeans for Momma and Daddy.

Wooo - soggy bum!
And we even caught a great video of the sledding action :) but technology is fighting me - so you'll just have to imagine it for the moment until I can get it to upload properly!

Hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing weekend - we certainly did here! Onto another week!

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  1. Looks like great fun! Wish we were there to play too. Love to all

    Grampie M