Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Rain, Rain, Go away. Come again - wait! Keep Raining!

This winter has been plenty long enough for us. I feel like it started early and didn't even ease us into it. I don't even remember when our first day of snow was but I know I am thankful to see it all melting away. The Valley has much milder weather system as far as extreme cold and heat - I am thankful for that too. Today was the beginning of the end for winter. Boo. Yeah.
Jack savouring his last bit of snow!
We didn't stray far from the house today because of the driving rain, but instead got dressed warmly and played in the rain. It was so mild out when we were playing around 11 ABOVE zero. So fabulous.
Such a huge difference from playing outside yesterday! Snow is totally gone!
Jack loved running in the mud and of course falling in the mud. I should have taken a before and after shot of us playing. He certainly brought alot of mud in on him, we did an immediate strip down at the doorway to fresh clothes I had waiting on the step. I had a feeling it would be hard for him to stay away from the garden.
Steppin up into the big wide world!
He has mastered all the patio steps and stairs no problem. Actually quite fearlessly which makes me so nervous. This kid just doesn't do anything at half speed.
Action shot of him planting his butt in the muck. Love it.
I know in previous years I am always sad to see the end of the snow. Everything looks dirty and muddy. Snow keeps things clean, pretty and it has a magical quality to it that helps you think back to Christmas joy etc.  Well this winter I got my fill of the inconvenient qualities of winter.  Treacherous drives to work in the dark, snow storms, bundling Jack and myself in TONS of winter clothes, defrosting the car in the morning for 20 minutes so Jack doesn't arrive at Amy's as a babysicle. Done with it! On with warmer weather from here on in! I know that we get a storm around Easter, and by writing this I've likely jinxed us but there it is. Hope you are all enjoying the melt down as much as we are :).
Goodbye snow - I will welcome you back this coming November, not before.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our SPRINGY Happily Hectic Household!

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