Monday, 11 March 2013

Postmaster, Gardener and Etsy Seller: This kid does it all!

Jack and I had his first normal day in quite a while. He's still coughing and has traces of a cold but he has an appetite, sleeps and enjoyed being active. It was a wonderful breath of fresh air to have my happy baby back so we made the most of our day!
Yeesh some trail with that salt?
Lucys little feet are drying up so I was careful to keep her off the trail. Looking forward to spring!
We got out and walked 5k this morning before nap time. It was cool but certainly felt springish and thankfully there wasn't any wind. By the time we got back everyone was pooped!

After nap we prepared a parcel to go out from my Etsy store. Jack LOVED the padded envelopes so we played pretend post office. He spent a lot of time stacking them up and making deliveries to the pets, the fridge and his kitchen. He grew quite attached to it and when it came to handing the parcel over at the post office he was very disappointed.

But fortunately we were able to get out for the afternoon and play in the back yard because the snow is melting in the beautiful sunshine!
Jack bossing Lucy - his favourite thing to do. He natters gibberish at her and points purposefully, I think he's attempting to mimic me hahaha. Poor Lucy - she humours us well!
He navigated the back yard obstacles like a pro - watching for uneven ground in the garden, zooming across the patio stones and stepping over the edges carefully.

He was very interested in the rake and the compost bin. Time to turn it!

He even mastered the steps after a few attempts. He spent the first few times doing the traditional climb on his knees but he was determined to walk the stairs and NOT holding Momma's hand. (Believe me I tried to convince him he needed me - until he did it without me!)

He even found a small mountain and climbed to the top. He certainly loved ever bit of his adventuring through the yard and all the really cool paths, steps and plants that are ALREADY peeping up through the soil. He is certainly going to be an enthusiastic gardener because he was nattering gibberish at the plants too!
Then Jack patiently sat on my lap while we updated my Etsy listings to include a pair of mittens that are up for sale. It is a lengthy process so I was happy to have company!
You can see items from my shop over to the right of this post! Definitely head over and check out the pictures for these mittens - my favourite style and SUPER comfy.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. Glad to see that the little guy is back to his normal self. He seems to really love his adventures - it's a big world out there Jack! Love to all.

    Grampie M