Friday, 29 March 2013

Oaklawn Farm Opening Day!

 We attending opening day at Oaklawn Farm today - it was fun to be apart of the hype and see all the animals! We even saw Sterk the new lion cub! We saw him from a distance and he was very adorable and looked right at home!

We had a blast :) Enough said!
This emu was VERY interested in Scott and the camera. He snuck up several times on Scott to get a good look!

In a trance watching the gibbons jumping around!

Big freaky turkey it was very close to the fence and interested in us.
Arctic foxes soaking up the sunshine! We LOVED how similar they are to Lucy, Jack didn't really seem to be amazed by it haha. 
Jack LOVED this cow :)

A little goat friend we met that was really enjoying the bright sunshine. He pretty much was falling asleep standing patiently near the corn machine.
Zooming along on the move!

Watching the Jaguars snuggle and play.
Every animal was enjoying the sunshine!

Momma feeding a sweet little deer!

Heart broken that we are heading home. Don't worry baby - we got a season pass :).
 Hoppy Easter weekend everyone :) Thanks for following along our blog. We love the feedback, support and comments we get from everyone! 

(Except scammers, that can stop. Even if you call me "dear", its still spam!)

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  1. Brilliant day for your little family! You won't regret getting that season pass! Happy Easter, Scott, Mick and Jack!