Monday, 18 March 2013

Learning the language of Lasagna, piano playing, and an Ikea surprise!

We are totally digging weekends.  But who doesn't? Whatever you do on your weekends I hope you are loving it.

Scotty is the king of lasagna and this weekend we finally had time to cook together. And so school was in session - I learned how to make lasagna. I actually made two, and we popped the smaller one in the freezer. (I"m loving using Mom and Dads deep freeze, I am such a make food and freeze it for later kind of gal). Learning to make lasagna was something I wanted to learn but we have just not found the time together to cook without other more demanding tasks looming. While I cooked away I enjoyed the antics that were going on around me.

I love having more free time on the weekends to get things done around the house, in the kitchen and just having fun or time to myself.  Its true that as a stay at home mom your weekends are VERY similar to your weekdays. But I think that is a great thing! I enjoy the extra help doing what I usually do all week. And Scott loves the chance to steal Jack away while I'm doing something else.
Jack giving Daddy cooking lessons in his own kitchen.

I could not really hear what they were up to - but I loved the music that I could hear in the kitchen. Anyway I had to share this really sweet clip of Jack playing some tunes on the iPad.  This was when he really found his sound but before he figured out how to slide his fingers back and forth over the keys frantically.

We love seeing him enjoy music and getting to play!

And speaking of playing, Mimi and Papa (Jacks new names for them) arrived home from their Montreal trip last night! They had great stories to share and hilarious anecdotes. They also brought back a lovely gift for Jack from Auntie Kelly! Its from Ikea - and Jack is loving not only the roads but tucking the cars under mat edges too.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our weekend loving Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. Can Jack play Louie, Louie yet?