Friday, 1 March 2013

Friday - rejoice! Bring on the snow play!

Last day to enter - get on it :)
Yay it's friday - AND its a snow day! Jack is so lucky to have so many people to play with him in the snow. We got a nice lump of snow overnight which meant a late start for the school board offices. While I had an eye appointment, Jack was out enjoying zooming through the neighbourhood!

Tis the season for playing. :) Jack will laugh and giggle and shriek and giggle. And then want more! It is a way to get a workout that is for certain!

Baby bogs - the cutest and most practical toddler footwear around. (Thanks Cricket and Neil!)
Poor Grammie got her workout pushing him around the scoop while Grandpie was cleaning the driveway and the cars. Jack is a thrill seeker and loved being zoomed down the road (Grammie did it at a reasonable pace while Grandpie ran flat out) and crawling through the snow.

Laughing so hard :) he LOVES it. 
I had to share - although he wasn't laughing nearly as hard as the previous 50 times. 

When did our little boy grow up into this giggling cutie? Oh yeah - he is sporting some hockey hair. Or at least some cutie baby curls :). Happy Friday everyone! Remember one more day to enter the contest - get on it :) Cowl is all ready to ship on Monday!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our snowy Happily Hectic Household!

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