Friday, 15 March 2013

Baby Gourmet & Squooshi: Snacking on the go!

One great thing about our BOB stroller is the awesome snack tray attachment you can put on once your baby is in the sitting up position.  The downfall is it is not practical to snack in winter wearing mittens.  This would happen to us - get Lucy leashed, Momma dressed, Jack diaper changed and dressed, strapped in stroller with blankets and THEN he signs and says "more" "eat" "more" "eat" "more". Gah!

In fact, he wanted a snack so badly he said please. This is a new word of his in the last couple days we have been working on. He struggles with the PL combo, but he gets full points for trying!
Working hard to say please, this is his "please" face. Hilarious!
So I ran back inside and scooped up one of his fav snacks - Baby Gourmet Sweet Potato Pie. I am particular about food because there's a lot we don't need that is put in food, and I'm a stickler when it comes to Jacks food. I am a big supporter of home made baby food, best for babe and pocket book. BUT sometimes a quick and healthy snack is a huge relief for a busy parent.  I'm in love with the Baby Gourmet products - they have all real food in them, no added sugars, preservatives or dyes. Just the way food should be for everyone. (And available at our grocery store - no special trips out!)
A perfect solution for a snacking baby on the go who is bound by winter mittens. Yes, they're mismatched. Its Friday - I'm lucky we could track down two mittens.
Mister "switching to one midday nap" usually dozes for 20 minutes of our walk each day - but he tried really hard to stay awake to finish his awesome snack.
Tried - but once the snack ran out there was no point of staying awake. Cue the most adorable cat nap pic yet. His little morning walk cat nap helps him get through his lunch without being so terribly cranky. He's finally having some really awesome afternoon naps too which is giving me more time to get things done. Knitting, cleaning, organizing laundry etc. While daytime TV sucks, I do love M*A*S*H (I've already watched the series through before) so I've been enjoying getting to work away and soak up some classic comedy. I could definitely get used to this 3.5 hour nap in our day.

As far as Baby Gourmet goes I can totally get on board with their product - except for the price.  It is too pricey to become a total system for all meals although they do have a great selection. I love all their blends of flavours, including lots of veggies, grains and protien. Great way to get our little mister a balanced diet.  I think the thing Jack enjoys the most besides the flavour (and me too) is the squeezable pack it comes in making it easy to eat. I've got my eye on squooshi packs to buy soon - then we can make our own!
I think these are brilliant - reusable, dishwasher friendly, adorable. Reasonably priced too! Perhaps the Easter Bunny will be bringing these to Jack!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our foodies-on-the-go Happily Hectic Household!


  1. awesome! where would you get those squooshi?

  2. Right at the end of my blog I included a link on the words "I've got my eye on squooshi packs to buy soon" (which I realized you can't see... better fix that!). You can buy them online if you follow the link just let your mouse hover over that sentence!

  3. Lindsay Cornish31 March 2013 at 22:17

    We tried a squishy pack today (Peas, Pears and Broccoli) and our little guy loved them. I think we may order the reusable squooshi packs. Thanks for the link. Let me know if you get them and what you think.