Sunday, 31 March 2013

Hippity Hoppity Easter 2013

We had a wonderful Easter morning playing with new toys, books, treats and clothes! Jack was very spoiled and loved every moment of it!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Oaklawn Farm Opening Day!

 We attending opening day at Oaklawn Farm today - it was fun to be apart of the hype and see all the animals! We even saw Sterk the new lion cub! We saw him from a distance and he was very adorable and looked right at home!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Toddler Meal Idea: Mini Eggos!

How we struggle to come up with meal ideas! For grown ups, but for Jack too. One thing we had never tried on him was waffles!

I have to point out that despite the claims on the box, they are not new!

They are perfect sized for little hands, and easy to dip into things! Today he had them plain but in the future ill try topping them with things!

He seriously loved them :). I'd love to track down a mini waffle maker, but I suppose I could just make regular waffles and cut them up.

I will make up a bundle of waffles and freeze them.

We had fun while we were grocery shopping!

And we found a great shirt at Joe Fresh!! Hilarious :) his first Caper shirt!

We have had a long fun week and certainly ready for a nice long weekend with everyone home :)!
We'd love some suggestions:
What sort of things do you put on waffles?
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Sharkey Mittens!

(From his Auntie Grace! Thank you!)

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Sleep!

I think this is one of the biggest challenges facing new parents. Thankfully if you chose to there is a wide world of books, blogs, advice and even online chat forums to find the best solution for you. I know that everyone tackles sleep differently which makes totally sense because each kid is different. (We followed "Happy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" and it changed our lives. No joke! If you're curious, or have questions feel free to contact me!)

Today's cat nap :) Love this kid!
Which leads me to Jack and his great nap journey. This kid naps like its his job. Since we established sleep training the major issues of sleep have disappeared. But the time has come for little mister to give up his two nap system as he was struggling to maintain a full nights sleep AND sleep 4 hours a day. So we are working to bring him to a long midday nap.

Oh good god - I forgot what it was like to have an overtired kid. Our system of sleep for Jack does a preemptive strike so we don't see that crazy-terrible side of him. The extreme emotional mood swings combined with the tantrums and hyper activity transforms him into a kid I don't know. I chose not to take pictures to share on my blog today - but I promise you there were many opportunities in the last month. Who wants to see a sleep deprived screaming kid? Me either.

Actually used our "fully reclined" position on the BOB. I haven't used that since last summer , I even had to stand there on the sidewalk and silently tinker with all the straps to remember how to do it. 
So that brings us to the last week of success. Okay well actually 4 days of success and I am rounding up to call it a week. The secret to Jacks success lies within a early morning catnap that is CUT SHORT to 30 mins (although its tempting to just leave him sleep) and getting him down at 12. Truthfully I LOVED Jack napping 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. But I'm now learning that one long (2-3) hour midday nap is much nicer. It gives us the freedom to get out early and I don't have to rush back to get him to sleep.

"Hmmmmm. Sleep is so awesome" I love when he is happy. He was posing for me saying "Hmmmmmmmmmmm" after his nap yesterday. Even rocking the teeniest amount of bed head. 
I look forward to getting everything sorted out, but I now feel like we are on the right track. I love to have a well rested happy boy. Makes for well rested happy parents :) and Grandparents. And doggy. (Cats seem daily indifferent to Jacks moods unless he decides to sit on them in his anger. Which sadly has happened.)

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Play day!

After a restful weekend (I even took a break from blogging - I might do that more often!) we spent the day today just playing. We tried out a new to us play group and had a blast. There were tons of nice moms and fun kids! Jack was completely obsessed with all the toys particularly a hard hat and huge toy truck. I wanted so badly to take pictures of him because he looked so adorable but I didn't want to be one of THOSE moms on the first day. (Haha I'll save it for next time ;)!)

We booked it home for a long midday nap, and then back out again.

We walked the neighborhood and dropped into the playground because enough snow has melted to play.

He had a huge convo with the horse and loved riding on it.

Jack really enjoyed pushing the baby swing too!

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Friday, 22 March 2013

Film Friday: Apple a day...

...would be unusual for this kid!  He loves him some applesauce but he hasn't really loved eating apples yet. That is until today - Mimi picked up some McIntosh and Cortland apples from Avery's and Jack was loving them! Embracing his Valley roots and ate his first whole apple today!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Banana Oat Cookie Bites!

Have a little one that loves bananas? Don't have a ton of time to make a batch of cookies? Looking for a healthy treat? Look no further!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our snow buried Happily Hectic Household!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Learning the language of Lasagna, piano playing, and an Ikea surprise!

We are totally digging weekends.  But who doesn't? Whatever you do on your weekends I hope you are loving it.

Toddler Tuesday: For the birds!

Despite the snow storm upon us, Jack and I are getting prepared for spring. I choose not to comment on the snow, quite frankly because I'm tired of reading about it in Facebook and Twitter. Storm or no storm I stick with my previous statement - it's the beginning of the end for winter and that is enough for us.

Right, so onto our spring preparations. We found an awesome wooden bird feeder at the Dollarama for $2. There we many, we may have to set up a bird food alley here. It's functional, and for another dollar we picked up some seed for it.
I'm sure I've made it clear before how much I'm not into paint projects at this age so we happily dug out his big crayons. They worked wonderfully on the wood!
Onto some scribbling!!

Mommy helped with the embellishments and Jack did the filling in of the big spaces. Elmo's world style. :) Doing this with paint would have made for a cute feeder but it was much more relaxing for both of us to use crayons. Although its likely it will fade, but based on our financial investment I'm not too worried about it lasting forever.

We had big plans to go outside and hang it up and attract some cutie birds with fresh seeds. But with a bundle of snow, ice and wind coming tonight it's best we wait. Stay tuned for major meltdown (hopefully soon) and pictures of our established feeder!

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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Quattro Formaggi Turkey Linguini!

I love finding ways to have meals premade for Jack in the freezer so he isn't always eating a variation of "cold plate" when I don't have time to put something together. That is why I'm totally digging this Four Cheese Turkey Linguini concoction I came up with. It is very similar to the clean eating baked ziti recipe we made for him a couple months ago. Except instead of making the sauce I used a jar variety by PC called Quattro Formaggi, making Jack feel fancy haha.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Baby Gourmet & Squooshi: Snacking on the go!

One great thing about our BOB stroller is the awesome snack tray attachment you can put on once your baby is in the sitting up position.  The downfall is it is not practical to snack in winter wearing mittens.  This would happen to us - get Lucy leashed, Momma dressed, Jack diaper changed and dressed, strapped in stroller with blankets and THEN he signs and says "more" "eat" "more" "eat" "more". Gah!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Rain, Rain, Go away. Come again - wait! Keep Raining!

This winter has been plenty long enough for us. I feel like it started early and didn't even ease us into it. I don't even remember when our first day of snow was but I know I am thankful to see it all melting away. The Valley has much milder weather system as far as extreme cold and heat - I am thankful for that too. Today was the beginning of the end for winter. Boo. Yeah.
Jack savouring his last bit of snow!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Reptiles Rule!

We decided to take in some of the activities that are going on this week throughout the town during March break.  Since Jacks cold has disappeared nearly as quickly as it came on we wanted to take on something fun today! I thought of hitting up a local play group or toddler swim, but after our early morning walk Jack demanded nap time (actually - he yelled BABA and grabbed his Geordi and headed for his chair in his room to snuggle before sleep) so we passed on anything structured today. He is enjoying catching up on sleep and play.
After he woke up we ate a quick lunch and walked up to the mall where they were having a Reptile Show! It was really fascinating - and a little scary!!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Postmaster, Gardener and Etsy Seller: This kid does it all!

Jack and I had his first normal day in quite a while. He's still coughing and has traces of a cold but he has an appetite, sleeps and enjoyed being active. It was a wonderful breath of fresh air to have my happy baby back so we made the most of our day!
Yeesh some trail with that salt?
Lucys little feet are drying up so I was careful to keep her off the trail. Looking forward to spring!
We got out and walked 5k this morning before nap time. It was cool but certainly felt springish and thankfully there wasn't any wind. By the time we got back everyone was pooped!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Glowbug Diapers arrive!

We had a wonderful mail day on Friday - glasses and diapers!

Jacks stash of cloth diapers were 60% used and had Velcro clasps. Now that he is older and more wiley he is able to rip them off easily no matter how much clothes we put on him.

We got a wonderful assortment of new Glowbug Diapers for an amazing price. 18 diapers in adorable patterns for $150. They had an awesome sale and we jumped at the chance. I knew an adorable little baby boy at the daycare that also used this brand. Both his teachers loved them so I jumped at the chance when I saw their wonderful sale.

They come in the sweetest patterns! Jack is enjoying them and we love how they wash up, the cost, the fit and functionality!

Not to mention - simply darling on our little boy!

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Friday, 8 March 2013

Sick and Suffering: The 411 on surviving the raging storm that is a sick toddler

I read a Facebook status that was certainly true to my day, as though she took the words right out of my mouth and posted it

I decided to pass on posting a blog the last two days. It would have been short and filled with many *#%! words without any pictures (because I had filled my iPhone and ran out of time to upload and backup to the external hard drive). It's true - some days I accomplish so much, and feel like I am kicking butt and taking names. Other days it is a miracle that we survive till dinner. The last two days have been those kind of days!
Jacks raging, hacking, boogery cold gave us a run for our money this week, but it looks as though he is healing up now. So much snot, so much crying and so much grumpiness. And it wasn't all Jack ;)
One thing I did want to share is a couple things we've learned through this evil sickness that I hope other mothers can tuck away into their memory to make their kids next cold a little easier.

Vicks on feet
I had heard of this before but never tried it myself. We tried it on Jacks feet two nights in a row and not only did he sleep 12+ hours straight (obviously not totally Vicks related, but got him back to his normal routine of sleeping!) but he seemed to have a less disturbed sleep. We bought the baby version of Vicks. Why? I honestly don't know. I feel like we get in a pattern of buying baby-special things like shampoo, applesauce, cutlery and then it becomes habit. I don't know if its necessary but it worked and was cheaper than the grown up kind :).

Have Water Everywhere.

Have multiple sippy cups of water strategically placed in each room you frequent with the sick baby. Jack firmly refused me forcing water on him, but he would go over and drink from it on his own. I would completely avoid eye contact while he drank - I didn't want to spook him and spoil the moment :).

The Kleenex duplex.

We have gone through SO MUCH Kleenex its unreal. He is like a faucet. For that reason, the house was covered in crumpled up left behind tissues. I called it his path of destruction haha. Enter Grammie/Pinterest! This idea was SO awesome - take, wipe, immediately put in empty box that is taped to the full box. So awesome I want to do this to every box in the house haha. I should have just taped this duplex to my hip because I would head to the next room or out to do errands and use Kleenex then grumble about no spot to put it except finding a garbage or my own pocket. Eventually it just came with me and Jack everywhere, including car trips and walks.

Stocked baby medicine cabinet

Go with what works for you - but have lots of it. Nothing sucks more than walking through the drugstore with a screaming unmedicated baby overdue for a nap because you ran out (or didn't have what you needed) and they were suffering too much to settle no matter how much you rocked them. Twice. Agh.

Get out. Just plop them in, bundle them up, and get out. Often. For your own sanity it is not good to stay inside with an emotional toddler that is producing mucus at an alarming rate. And bring a Kleenex duplex with you too. Enjoy the fresh air (even though it makes them dribble more snot) and change of scenery.

Clean dirt is a-ok.
There is only so much time in the day to do dishes, laundry, and do general cleaning tasks. There is even less time with a sick hold following you bellowing "mamamanamaaaaa!" And "Up! up! up! up! up! up!" On days when kids are sick it is not essential to pick up every toy or dish (aka clean dirt) spread around the house. Cat vomit and spilled macaroni & cheese should probably still be cleaned ASAP but I'm leaving that one to your discretion based on the situation and the insanity of your kid.

All bets are off.
Naps? Meals? Any schedule at all? Just roll with it. I am SUCH a scheduler and struggle very much with this. And Jack usually eats and sleeps like clockwork so it kills me to just "go with it". But from me to you, things went a lot smoother when I let go of the way things were and just accepted how things were at the moment.

And I treasured every smile. They are far and few between when a cold is raging.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our recovering Happily Hectic Household!