Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Potty time!

Here we are again to Tuesday already. Oh my!  Seems like time is flying when we have so little time to get so many things done. Enough about packing, I'm so tired of it! Onto some fun toddler things. 

Feeties on a potty? Too cute!
One thing I have done considerable reading on is potty training. "Whaaat?" you say? I know he's a boy and I know its early - but sometimes gradually bringing something into their life is a good thing. We're not expecting him to be potty trained tomorrow, or even in a year. Like anything, he'll do it when he's ready. But to have this potty be a part of his life now will help him be comfortable when ready. And giving Momma and Daddy time to also get used to potty training will set us all up for success. 

He was pumped to open his "duckduckduckduck"! He knows so many animal noises, but ducks apparently only say DUCK not quack. Who knew? 
After a morning at the mall playing, walking and potty shopping we found the right one! Reading some reviews online and 10 Tips for the right Potty (see link below) was hepful in chosing a potty right for Jack. TOO distracting was a real problem - he loves to play and all these flushers, bubbling toilet tanks might just make this more of a toy than we wanted. And since he's still small we wanted to make sure he could get on and off easily. Quacker, the cute (and close to "crapper") nickname we gave our potty, has a singing feature but it only sings when the sensor detects the potty has been used! Wahoo for that. 

Jack was VERY curious and very excited to sit on it.  We tested it out in the livingroom to get used to sitting on it then right after dinner we headed to the bath. While the bath was pouring he sat on it and babbled to us. We even made the sensor go with a cup of water - Jack was so excited he danced on the potty. 

We're keen to make positive associations with Quacker to set him up for success later. We laughed and cheered while Jack sat on the potty. Once a day before bath we're just going to try popping him on the potty. Other than that for now, Quacker is just hanging out in our bathroom and we will warm Jack up to using it later on when life settles down.  

Loving listening to Quacker sing!
Potty training your own little one? Here are some great resources I've read through to know now and bookmarked for later!

Have advice for potty training success? Please share in the comments :)!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Quacker-Jack Happily Hectic Household!


  1. We are doing the same thing with Thomas! He has had his potty since Christmas and he will sit on it before the bath and sometimes after his nap...just to get familliar with it. And on a few occasions has gone pee. We didn't want him to be "scared" of the potty so it just hangs out in our bathroom like yours! :)

    1. Thats awesome Lauren - I love the picture Matt posted on FB of Thomas reading on the potty! So sweet :)!