Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Toddler Tuesday: The perfect sledding hill!

Jack and I are really enjoying the Nova Scotian winter weather - especially on days like today where it is sunny and very mild! This week has been very nice so we have been out walking everyday. But today was especially nice so instead of walking after lunch we saved that for later and headed out to the front yard to play.
Grandpie built up a lovely toddler sized snow hill for Jack which is just PERFECT! Growing up we always had lots of snow slides in the front yard with forts etc. During the last blast of snow that came through Grandpie piled up a tonne of snow and let it harden. It has melted a significant amount since then but is still a great size for a little sledding. I think this is the best way to introduce a little one to sledding.
Instead of a busy, steep sledding hill full of children it was Jack and I alone on our own hill. (Of course the only thing that tops this is your own private sledding hill on your property). Its just high enough that we can climb up together and Momma doesn't sweat to death lugging a baby and sled.
(Do not judge it harshly because of my big foot holes. Usually there is an elegantly carved and meticulously maintained stairway. But because of the big melt down I felt as though it was okay to make my own steps!)
It stands about 4.5 feet tall and has a nice gradual incline. The ones of my youth were much more perilous than this with tall steps up to a step slide with a wall that directed us around a bend into the ditch. Jack can wait for that until next year haha.
After several tries together he went down by himself...
I really enjoyed taking him down the hill because he belly laughed the whole way down and shrieked when we would come to a halt at the end. It was rather abrupt due to sticky snow and crappy sled. My sister, friends, neighbours and family always had a blast sledding on Dads hills he made for us and I'm really thrilled to be able to play with Jack on his very own!
... nailed it! (he's eagerly holding on waiting for me to drive him back up to the top)
He is certainly a thrill seeker - sledding is not for every kid at this age. But if they are the kind that are totally digging it then this is the real solution for getting started on sledding. I can't go into to detail about the mechanics of building one because honestly I have no clue... Dad always made them during the snowstorm or while we played. But the general idea is build a big pile of snow and shape it into the appropriate shape. I know that weather conditions also play a factor and sled choice!
Okay Momma, time to make this hill bigger!!
All I can say is after a day of sledding we were both pretty silly :). We will be crossing our fingers for lots more snow to come soon so we can get into a routine of sledding play.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our snowsledding-crazy Happily Hectic Household!

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