Thursday, 7 February 2013

Toddler Science: Safari Animal Grow Capsules

This was one of the funnest things I have done with Jack. I think these things are the coolest darn thing you can buy for a dollar. It amazingly kept him quiet during a critical time in our day. And the most important reason of all - he found it really fun.

I bought these on a whim at Walmart today because I picked them up and it qualified as cool/cheap/entertaining so in the cart it went. I loved these things as a kid and I thought on it as I walked up and down the aisles looking for large ziploc bags (which I didn't end up actually buying  because I got distracted by a strange looking lunchbox container and forgot my whole purpose for going to Walmart. Epic errand fail!) that I could do this with Jack when he was older.

I zipped around with Jack and picking up an awesome Kijiji find - $15 Swiffer Sweeper Vac which I have been dying for to get those annoying dustbunnies guinea-pig-sized-dog-fur-tumbleweeds without dragging out our vacuum every 20 minutes. (Okay, I exaggerate... its more like every hour that I find a new clump of dog fur hiding. You'd think we had a naked dog running around the house!)  After our Kijiji shopping and visiting Gail and Mert we headed home.  I quickly realized we only had 25 minutes until the house needed to be very quiet because Scott was having a conference call. Jack ate in record time and while I grabbed the pack of fizzing shapes and my supplies. With two minutes to spare, I grabbed Jack and desperately hoped this wouldn't end with me mopping the whole kitchen.

How to enjoy Safari Animal Grow Capsules with a Toddler

Big absorbent Towel
Large mixing bowl
Warm water
10 Safari Animal Grow Capsules
a set of eagle eyes for making sure NOTHING is eaten
change of clothes
two surly curious cats (optional)

We started by checking out these little capsules which he immediately tried to put in his mouth. This is where those eagle eyes come in handy.  I think this activity's success hinges largely on your own child's interest. Jack is very curious and loves water so this one is a no brainer. I only felt confident doing this because his listening/obeying skills have really kicked it up a notch in the last few months. Thankfully he took my words to heart "We don't eat those Jack. Yuck" and there wasn't any more attempts to eat them. (And later when Sirius tried to eat them Jack squealed on him by doing his impression of the squirt bottle we threaten our scheming cats with. "Thhhhhhhsttt! Thhhhstt!" )
We started off with one and I was disappointed to see it would take several minutes for anything to happen that was interesting so I quickly dumped the rest in and we stirred it up. Jack really took notice of the capsule breaking down and loved watching little pieces of the sponge popping out as it absorbed water.

Listening for some funny fizzing noises! Its not like mentos is diet coke or anything, but to a cat and toddler its pretty entertaining.
And here's where the towel came in handy. The photo is blurry because I saw this going badly a couple seconds too late. Sirius is keenly watching and listening to the capsules while Jack felt it was time to get his foot in on the experiment.
Here Sirius, they're squishy!
Jack roared with laughter as the bowl tipped and water dumped all over his foot and leg. I scrambled to turn it level again so I wouldn't be destined to get the mop. Fortunately it was contained to the towel and Jacks outfit. Apollo and Sirius both stood by eagerly watching although after the bowl dumping incident they backed off to watch from a safe distance. Jack tried to share the sponges but Sirius wasn't really diggin' it. 
And then it was just time to splash, dunk, play and fling. A change of clothes was certainly in order after this!
This is... less fun without water. Also, get me dry clothes Momma. I'm all cold!
Once all the capsules had morphed into safari animals I took the bowl of water away and Jack squeezed all the water out. I think the bowl of water was the real draw because within two minutes the cats were gone, Jack was off into the next room dancing to his own singing and I was left playing with the shapes on a soggy towel. 
Time elapsed of quiet, involved play: 27 minutes. No mop needed :)
Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. how fun. He is so big now.. I mean grown up. I use to stand you on a chair against the sink, put the water on slow, add soap.. some spoons, tupperware.. and you were REALLY good, not to move off the chair.. and you played for a very long time in the two sinks.. pouring water from one sink to the other.. splashing was kept to a minimum with a few words and warnings.