Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Opening up Shop, Featured blog, Giveaway Contest!

How stoked am I? The answer is VERY :). So stoked in fact I'm going to be GIVING SOMETHING AWAY. Wow, I know right? Read ahead for details - hint: it is easy to enter to win!

I have two great things to share with you today besides giving away an awesome prize!

Great thing number one: I was featured on a blog called Kids Activities Blog by the Quirky Mommas.
I submitted a fun activity I did with my preschoolers here and they deemed it awesome enough to feature it for a day on their blog. Okay, maybe to those who don't blog you think this might be a little lame. I promise you it is super cool in the bloggy world and just personally I'm stoked to share something fun and successful for others to try with kids despite its HUGE mess factor. To check out my feature on their blog follow this link here. 

Great thing number two: My Esty shop is functional!

 For those who don't know what an Etsy shop is let me briefly explain. It is a personal online storefront that is a part of a large online community of artists, vintage peddlers, jewellers, crafters and much more with their own shops.  If Etsy could be represented in real life I would say it would be the most awesome craft fair/mall/art gallery that you are able to browse and search right from your own computer.  The online shopping is secure offering many options including Visa and Paypal. All the experiences I've had shopping have been very positive. They are real people selling their own products. And there is tons of great stuff on there!
Slate Grey Scarflette with oversized wooden buttons! Soon to be on my shop!
My shop will have the bundle of knit things I come up with while knitting away my evenings, nap times and traveling. I adore knitting up things like scarves, hats and mittens. I enjoy cozy patterns, big buttons and soft yarns. I also hope to list some baby items because knits on babies are the sweetest thing ever. I have a bunch of stock ready to go and I'm eagerly working on some mitten sets in a really fun waffle stitch.
Yup - its right up there in the middle!
So how do you get to my shop to browse? From our main blog page you can see at the top a list of tabs. Click on the tab "Etsy Shop - Happily Hectic Knits" and from there you are on my main page :)! There is a bio, about section and of course a listing of the things I am selling. Right now there is only one item but in the next few days I will have more!

You're wondering why I chose two poses? 
Because these cowls are versatile - for every kind of mood!

Okay so want to win something lovely? I'm going to give away one of my handmade cowls that I will be selling other of on my shop! I have two colours available for the winner to chose from; oatmeal brown and slate grey. I'm so excited to finally have my shop on the go I want to give back to my awesome readers. You have no idea how excited I am when someone lets me know "Oh yeah I read it on your blog" Or "I loved the blog you posted". Honestly guys, you rock for following along our adventures and humouring me. Thank you!

Okay enough gushing already - onto the free stuff :)!
Win one of these lovely, chunky knit cowls to keep you all snug for the rest of winter!
(and sadly much of spring too - its cold here!)
You have exactly 3 days to enter to win. (The draw is happening Saturday evening at 5:30pm and I will announce it on that blog post)  To enter, simply comment on this blog post letting me know what you would like to see sold in my shop. Hats? Scarves? Mits? Colours? I am loving the feedback I always get from everyone - keep it coming! I will either hand deliver this to you or mail it depending on your location! Don't worry - shipping is on me!

Okay - go enter to win now !


  1. How Fun. Congratulations on your Etsy shop. I buy fabric on Etsy sometimes.... Love it.

  2. Oh, I would like to see fingerless mittens in your shop.

  3. So exciting that you've got an Etsy store! I'll definitely be checking it out frequently! I'd love to see mitts.. I remember they were awesome in Burke, so I can only imagine they're even better with the extra practice :)

  4. I would loove to see the couples mittens :) I would buy a couple pairs as a few friends I have told about them are interested too :) -Sarah :)

  5. That's amazing...vvay to go Michelle...i'll be sure to come look for nevv items.

    Your blog has become part of my routine in the evening...nuts I are just so full of life....



  6. love your blogs as always! what about slippers? or slipper/socks if ya know what i mean lol... can't wait to see what you will have in your store


  7. It's been my goal this year to learn to knit or crochet... and it's been an epic failure so far! And since I apparently will never be able to make my own, I'd love to see some pretty scarves! :)

  8. Great idea Michelle. I would love a cowl! I hope I win.


  9. I don't want to win, I have one you made me for my birthday! ... but I want to say.. how exciting that you are opening an etsy shop... congrats.

  10. I also am not entering to win, as I am already an owner of a few of your homemade gems (scarves and jewellery) but how exciting! Best of luck with your Esty shop, I'll be sure to check it out!


  11. What a wonderful idea! You and Steph get your craftiness from the Boudreaus! :) I love what I see so far in your shop and the suggestions in the blog comments.

    I've been admiring a scarf on Pinterest (it's crocheted in this example, but it could be knitted.) Do you think you might make something like this?

    Sandra of NB xo

  12. I'm a friend of your mothers. I have stalked yours and Stephanie's blog thru the years, cause I love the way you girls write. Your Jack is so sweet, and how great for Grammie and Grampie to have him close now.

    I really like your scarves, do you knit any socks?
    Josee Morse