Thursday, 28 February 2013

Jack's day out!

Before I get into today's blog I want to remind you to head over here and enter to win a lovely cowl that I'm giving away to celebrate the opening of my Etsy Shop! I spent nap time listing lots of things so check it out. I am SO thrilled with all of your suggestions - I can't wait to get knitting away and list more items.
A new item in my Etsy shop added today! Listed here.
Today we had a busy day getting out of the house and playing. We started off by going for a playdate at Diane's and playing with her two adorable girls. Jack is certainly smitten with them and enjoyed all their assortment of toys. Clearly he was all played out by the time we got home for lunch...

Most hilarious Jack picture I've seen in a while... :)
But he was awake enough to enjoy a new lunch menu item we learned about and sampled on our playdate. I'm going to share it soon on the blog because Jack absolutely gobbled it up - love it!

Nick's french toast rocks!
After an afternoon nap we headed out to run errands. There were so many little things that have piled up on a list so it was time to get that done. We headed to the new Walmart and all over the mall. And of course Dollarama which is one of our favourite places to browse.

Jack loves the book section so we picked out a ton of activity books, paints and colouring.  Life is wonderful spending afternoons colouring away - I'm excited to try them out! He spent the whole time we drove around the store "reading" a Thomas the Train & Friends Numbers and Alphabet book.  When Jack reads he flips pages and hmmmms, points at a couple things and carries onto the next page. Adorable. He loves Thomas and each page had a train of some sort on it so he would chime in with a "toot toot" for a lot of the pages. So sweet :)

We headed into the main part of the mall to pick up some pet items and batteries. Jack enjoyed riding in a little car stroller we signed out from Roo's. He is very curious and adores looking around the stores, seeing people and chatting them up. Or at least blowing a kiss to every couple people. 

The rest of the day was spent playing playing and more playing. With the rain settling in for this "storm" it was a good time to get home and relax. Jack enjoyed playing with some fun handmedown toys from Alexa :) he is especially fond of the little pink doggy. It walks across the table and sings a song while barking and howling. Jack's also learned a new sound - doggy howling. Hilarious!

This little dog reminds us of Slinky from Toy Story. We're definitely going to need to watch that movie again soon!
Overall and awesome day getting outside to kick that winter shack-wacky feeling!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our busy Happily Hectic Household!


  1. its so cute to hear Jack howl at the end of the little pink dogs barking howling chant... he is sooo wonderful!

  2. Aww looks like another beautiful day with Jack. I love Jacks Hat (did you make it)
    I'm heading to check out your new stock on your shop :)
    -Sarah S

  3. i am so glad he loves the toys! i probably have many more if ya want them :P it was a great visit!