Saturday, 2 February 2013

Jack in a Box!

Jack in a box fort that is! He found this stack of boxes that popped up in our kitchen irresistible! (Our house is covered with piles of boxes at the moment.) All kids love boxes, and I'm glad he's able to have fun in them while we have so many huge ones and he is so tiny! Although not as tiny as he was this time last year when we moved!

Who is that chubby little cutie?
 For more Jack in a box moments check out this blast from our not so distant past (Yuck we move too much)
He loves peeping out from behind them or banging on the large cardboard walls but this pile was different. The little space has been a huge attractions today. Jack had seen Apollo go in there a few minutes before and when Apollo got out Jack zipped in and made it his home! Naturally it was the perfect hidey-hole for a little body.
We helped with the doorway!
Jack loved popping out and doing a surprised scream each time!

Hope everyone is enjoying your weekend! We had an awesome day packing up things, groceries, playing and watching the movie Tangled. The kids watched it at work yesterday at the end of the day and I wanted to see it in full. Scotty even loves it - funny for adults and kids.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our box filled Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. He is looking so grown up and as cute as ever. Happy packing to you. Nova Scotia, here you come! Yay!