Friday, 8 February 2013

Getting Crafty: Orange Rind Bird Feeder

Although it has been over a week since I did this craft with my preschoolers I just had to share it with you all. On the eve of a huge blizzard, no better time to get some fun ideas out there to do with kids. This one is cute AND functional - not always true of every craft a preschooler makes haha. Also this is terrific replacement for the oh-so-awesome-but-not-peanut-free peanut butter pine cone bird feeder.

Orange Rind Bird Feeder

1/2 a naval orange for each feeder
twine or yarn
hole punch (or pointy ended knife)
bird seed

Lets Make it!
Let me just start by saying this craft is mostly a adult-led activity. I don't recommend trying it with a classroom of kids unless you have an army of helpers. Try to stick one or two kids. 5 was a mistake!

Cut your oranges in half and mostly scoop out your orange. I let the kids believe they were doing some work by using their hands to "pull out the orange" that was mostly loosened. Then they were welcome to mush it up, eat it etc. As one kid commented "A craft you can eat is the awesomeist"

Next use your hole punch to get two holes in the peel directly across from one another. Tie each end through the hole. Make sure to go down far enough with the hole to give it some strength otherwise the string will pull right through. Not that the bird seed is really heavy, but when the preschool swings it around a bunch it has to hold together :).

I opted to pack little "bird seed treat baggies" rather than fill the oranges right then. The kids saw mine all put together and touched the seed etc, but I avoided the disaster of SEEDS EVERYWHERE by using little ziploc bags to transport the seeds home.  The orange rind bird feeders look adorable hanging on a tree and hopefully will attract some birds. 
Or a crazy squirrel that will likely do some George of the Jungle moves trying to eat. 

Everyone stay at home during the snowmaggedon, snuggle up or get out & play, and enjoy the beautiful flakes. No crazy driving or unwarranted trips out "to see how bad the roads are. Lets be sensible :).

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our bird/squirrel-feeding Happily Hectic Household!

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