Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fabulous Frenchys Find - Its an Elmo-palooza!

Ashley and I went on a Frenchys date which we used to do really often when we both lived in Greenwood.  Even though its a happening place on Sunday, we managed to find a great deal of great stuff - mostly all for Jack. Okay actually all for Jack. But we had a great time looking through all the cutie little clothes and toys.

And for $3 we were able to snatch this awesomely amazing find :). Its a "Extra Special" Tickle Me Elmo!

Jack stood by while Grandpie did surgery on Elmo.
He SO loves Elmo and was really excited to have a real live Elmo in his arms! He squealed and snuggled it. We managed to get batteries into it and then the real fun began. This guy is hilarious and it flips over, does knee slaps and rolls around with laughter. Jack found it funny and we all were seriously impressed how Elmo can get back into a standing position on his own no matter how you lay him on the floor. Entertaining! Don't get us wrong though - Elmo had a "nap" after a little while of playing. OFF switch activated haha!

Of course the Elmo fun didn't end there - we found a sweet Elmo polo for him in great condition.  It will be a favourite I'm sure. He has a pair of Elmo pajamas from Amy and they are his TOP pick of clothing for any time of day or any occasion.

But that wasn't all we found...

It's an Elmo romper suit with Elmo face included on hood :) Truthfully, this was sized for a 4 year old however we just rolled up the arms and legs and he was good to go. 

He decided he does REALLY love it too. He laid on the floor hugging the shirt too with his Elmo doll. I was able to bring home a BIG bag of things from Frenchys for around $25. Lots of nice gently used sweatpants, shirts and pyjamas all great brands.
 I am always blown away with what I find at Frenchys because its always unexpected but this Elmo hat trick blew me out of the water. Our little guy is totally digging Elmo and I'm not nutty enough to spend a fortune on it. Before long he will move onto another thing and we can donate these things for another kid who is falling in love with this cutie red monster. Wonderful cycle - less waste!
Listening to Elmo giggle and whirr while he rolls around. Life is good!
Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Elmo-loving Happily Hectic Household!

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