Sunday, 3 February 2013

Don't play in traffic!

But DO play in empty parking lots :)

The beautiful view while out playing!
Jack and I had a wonderful time adventuring in the snow today. It has been a little sad without snow - so it was such a surprise for us to wake up to a blanket of snow covering the ground.  Of course it threw a wrench in our plans to go for tea at a friends house because the roads were very slippery but thats what winter tires are for.
After a quick lunch we headed out up the road to let a sick Daddy rest up in a quiet home. I highly recommend to parents of young kids to go play in empty snow covered parking lots while you're out for walks. Why? Well the ground is even - no hidden lumps to trip up your little one in their snow gear. It won't make a huge difference that they're on pavement because everything is frozen solid anyway and to be honest its unlikely your kid will feel it when they fall. SO MUCH SNOW GEAR. Which is hilarious and practical all at once.
Angelic face contemplating all this beautiful snow... (but really watching our dog pee)

Whoops! Thanks to all the cushy snow pants/coat etc its just fun to fall.
It was really fun to sit out in the parking lot and play. Our own yard is sadly mostly on a hill and Jack seems to just get frustrated falling all over the place (for really cute baby in snow moments check out this post).  Our favourite place to play is the empty lot up the road. Today Jack loved waving to traffic, throwing mittfuls of snow up and tasting some flakes.

I can't express how happy I am to have an infinite amount of these moments to spend with Jack. Watching him play, learn and laugh is so wonderful.

Jack taking a rest as he climbs his Everest. 
Helping Momma push the sled around.
While I'm sitting watching Jack play I looked down to see beautiful perfectly formed flakes!! 
Laying in the snow catching flakes!
All in all a wonderful first weekend of being a SAHM (Stay a home Momma). I can't say I'm looking forward to packing and moving these next two weeks but I am really enthused to spend that time with our little man. I know that there will be times coming where I'll be ready to pull my hair out but for now this honeymoon stage is lovely :) 
Smoochies in the snowfall. 
Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our snowy Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. Beautiful snowflakes and beautiful mama with an absolutely ADORABLE boy! Love that sweet red nose!! xo