Monday, 18 February 2013

Back to Regular Scheduled Programming: Something about moving...

... Oh thats right! We moved! Yipeeee! 

And what a crazy ride it has been. Do you need all the details at how it went down? Probably not. But I will share a few moments :) 

Lucy has been an angel. She has humoured every bit of the move and has been a wonderful friend to Jack! She is very happily settled in Greenwood enjoying a fenced in back yard and a big subdivision to walk in. Apollo and Sirius were less angelic enjoying climbing box towers, surprise attacking each other at any chance out of boxes and eating more fluff than is healthy. But they are also happily settled in Greenwood enjoying Pika's company and food. Our little pigging Sweetpea is enjoying living in Jacks room. Jack adores feeing her and has learned to make a little whistle noise to get her attention :).

Jack really loved every bit of moving and of course he was the only one loving it. He was really helpful and adorable the whole time. He napped, ate and slept like a boss - he seemed to just find it all intriguing. 
He LOVED to help! Washing up some dishes.
Sorting piggy cage parts. He stacked them all up into different piles having a blast.
We frantically packed everything to the last minute and towards the end it was getting hectic throwing things into boxes. It is SO HARD to be fully packed when you are a family. Lots of things you don't even think about packing and many things you need to keep out until the end. 

Things we wish we could have packed sooner/things we didn't pack early enough: Keurig, Microwave, junk drawer (it was so well hidden!), cleaning supplies, under the sinks, our entire front hall of coats, pet food, fridge magnets/pictures/cards etc, baby toys, and so much more. It made for some quick purging and serious combo boxes of things. My favourite label is "Big box of crap and stuff" - makes you wonder why we bothered writing anything on the box.

Of course we would be battling a blizzard while we are trying to get back to Nova Scotia. Bring it on - nothing was stopping us from getting back. The roads were only snow covered for a short time of our trip and then we mostly just battled slush and wind. A lot of slush.

Running through slush in Grammies sandals in freezing rain to get to McDonalds!
Jack enjoyed the trip and mostly had two phases the whole time. 

Awake & laughing. Sleeping. 

We are thankful for so many wonderful friends and family (and complete strangers too!) offering to help us in any way they could while we packed and moved. Uprooting and moving to a new place is exhausting and emotional - we felt cocooned in love via Facebook, texts, emails and calls from everyone. And a big shout out to my parents for being so seriously awesome and helping with everything. Then driving in convoy through a blizzard :) We feel truly lucky to have so many people excited to have us back in Nova Scotia - we can't wait to visit with you all!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Nova Scotian Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. I LOVE the pic of Jack with one sock laying on the air mattress.. What a cutie pie!