Thursday, 17 January 2013

Vacation Week: I like big books and I cannot lie!

Well actually we like them in all sizes :)!
You might say we have a bit of an addiction... 

Its true - our whole house is covered with piles of kids books. Bins of them, stacks of them and shelves of them. Yet - I cannot turn down a book.  I see them everywhere and know that Jack would love them.  He LIVES for books. Not that this is a new thing see here, here, here.More than any other toy we have he loves to play and "read" books. He will sit for ages with a pile of books and flip pages, babble, gnaw, touch and throw them. He will bring over an armful and demand "Up Up Up Up Up" onto your lap and help you leaf through them all. (You need to be a fast reader with this guy he prefers to do all the page flipping and doesn't care if you're not finished the sentence)
This is from our "All Snowed In" blog - one of his favourite books he always loves to have read to him! It has little sliders on it rather than flaps and he loves peeking behind the slider to see the picture.

I absolutely LOVE going into Chapters and browsing through the kids section. Jack does too! In the summer we would go and read a bundle of books (and leave the kids sections with a lot of protesting on Jack's part). They have such fun books of every size, shape, category, genre for little kids. I'm less likely to buy from there only because of the high prices on a book I know is going to be "well read" by busy and sometimes very rough hands. Most of Jack's books have been given to us as gifts, or gift cards and that is fabulous. Our little reader enjoys a stack of books in each part of our house. But one place I cannot resist buying books from is the Dollarama. Oh my. I am such a sucker there anyway picking up way more things than I meant to go in for. But walking past their book section is dangerous. I always see a bundle of great ones. 

This week when I went in to pick up some craft supplies for work I found these beauties!

Each of them were $1! And totally worth it. Not only are they ELMO - but they have a little squeaker on them. Moon, Stars, Spaceship and Sun. Perfect for this family - we are big sci-fi fans. Inside there is a cute little ramble about each one with genuine educational value.

When you read the word moon in this story you press on the moon and it squeaks. Jack is IN LOVE with squeaking them and its hard to rein him in long enough to get in a couple words. Still, I adore these little books and think they are an awesome find - especially for at Dollarama.
He also uses his face/teeth to do some squeaking. Hilarious!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our book-crazy Happily Hectic Household!

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