Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Vacation Week: Go Fetch!

Beautiful sunshine = Outside playtime! 
For the rest of this week I am home with Jack on vacation. Practicing for being home full time again - and I'm loving it! Our babysitter is also on vacation so this was perfect timing for me to gnab a few days home with Jack. And to get ready for another move. Argh. While we are super psyched to get back to NS - we are not loving the idea of moving.
Yup - check out all that baby hair :)!
Its funny how many things you don't realize you need to get done until you set a firm deadline. Doctors appointments, grooming appointments, doctors appointments, etc etc. So we headed off to get Jack's last needle for his 12 month old batch (yikes just 2 1/2 months late. I blame several things like allergic reactions, stomach flu and Christmas for delaying it and I will also shoulder a little blame lol)
Jack had a wonderful time at the doctors office despite it being scheduled right in the middle of his naptime. When you ask for an appointment within a four day window - you take any time they give you. I was just so appreciative they had appointments available for this week when I called three weeks ago I didn't even consider the time! Ah well. This was Jacks first appointment I didn't drive our stroller to (huge parking lot, elevator, long hallways all call for some stroller action) because I was running late and well, Jack likes to run around. He immediately honed in on the huge bin of toys and began unpacking them. When we arrived there was no one else in the waiting room so he had free range.
Thus began our 50 minute wait and I can honestly say I was glad for the wait this time. A little girl nearly exactly Jack's age arrived minutes after us and they had a wonderful time playing. No, I didn't take a bundle of pics although the blogger in me desperately wanted to. Nothing says creepy like some stranger taking pics of your baby and posting it on a blog. But you have to take my word for it when I say Jack was a perfect gentleman. He brought this little girl at least 10 toys and then took them all back gently and put them in the bin. About 4 times! She just sat in her little poofy skirt and furry boots watching in amazement. I was so pleased to see him play nicely with her.
And then of course he found a ball. It was very cute to watch but I hate to admit - Jack was playing fetch with the other baby. He would throw it, she would crawl across the room and bring it back. Bahahahahahaa. Exactly what he does at our babysitters house with their cutie pooch. I hope he realizes she is another baby and not another dog. Thankfully he did not point at her and say "Woof Woof" or "Dog". (But I'm sure he was thinking it.)
Lucy is fabulous at keep away with her ball - and very pleased to play with Jack.
He spent all suppertime doing the same thing with our dog while we roared with laughter. And so I snapped a bunch of pics!
Lucy 'enjoying' the added challenge of eating dinner from her cookie ball.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household in vacation mode!


  1. He is so sweet and kind. I think he has learned a lot playing at Amy's with other kids. Her kids are kind to him, so he has learned to be kind to others.! Look at all that hair.... yippee!

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