Sunday, 20 January 2013

Vacation comes to an end, more boxes and snowy goodness!

And our house is in boxes again. Well not the entire house - but we've begun a staging area for all the packed boxes.  So far all the non-essentials in Jacks room have been packed up, the office, and most of our linen closets. Goodness - you would think we love packing but we really don't. Since we have a good amount of time to get things packed up we are doing a little bit as much as we can but only a bit. If we do too much of it in one day it just spoils everything. We so love our weekends together so we aren't going to waste all our free time packing insanely for a month straight. It might just mean our last few days in Freddy = takeout food and constant packing while Jack enjoys romping in box forts. We both agree there are worse things to endure haha.

So we made sure to really enjoy our weekend together. We only picked at the packing doing 2-3 boxes at once. One wonderful thing about this move is that our moving company is providing us with all the boxes we need - for free. It is SO much easier to pack with large proper boxes.

We found lots of time to hang out together and play too which was lovely! It snowed pretty consistently all weekend and so it was very picturesque. Jack headed out into the snow with us in his sled and on foot too. We played on level ground which made things much easier for Jack to move around. He insisted on holding Daddy's hand today because the snow was much deeper than the previous few days.

Scott even saw two deer prance through our driveway and off into the woods. Sadly I was too slow to hop up off the couch and see it! But we saw SO many tracks all around our place and road you can tell the deer love this weather.

Totally digging his new Cheerio car. The trunk opens and that is how you get the cheerios out - so much fun!
Jack and I had a wonderful week together and I'm sure it will be a tearful goodbye Monday morning (on Mommas part - Jack always loves going to Amy's! Thank goodness!) this is our last two weeks and then I will be all finished work. I will be sad to leave everyone but SO happy to be home again with my baby. We have had so much fun and we are looking forward to lots of fun things in NS!

This boy LOVES bran blueberry muffins! :) 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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