Friday, 18 January 2013

Trains, Planes and .. Wait - Just Trains!

After our booky post yesterday we decided it was time to get back to Chapters and play! Jack is transitioning to a one nap routine rather than two naps which means he needs to stay busy and entertained to avoid the grumpies.
In case you were wondering.. "Grumpies" pictured here.
The weather was really terrible on our drive up which made me glad we did our sled/dog walk in the morning.  I figured the mall would be packed with people avoiding January's finest weather - but it was dead! YAY I love a dead shopping mall. :)  Jack and I had two gift cards to go spend so we headed to Walmart for a list of everyday items and then over to Chapters for fun things!

I am astonished to see Jack play sometimes. I forget that the last time we were hanging out 24/7 was almost 6 months ago and he has changed so much.  The things we used to do are even more fun now because he is so curious and playful.

So Chapters was REALLY awesome today. We played with the trains! For a whole hour. Well we walked around the kids section and looked at toys (Jack toddled around and I followed behind).

The majority of our time was spent at the train table making them crash and dive off the track to roars of baby giggles. And Jack would point up every few minutes and roar at this amazingly huge lion.

And I even got a video of him playing :)
We were the only people in the whole kids section - not even any staff members! So I left our stroller parked safely in sight and we explored to pick up a few fun things. Oh yes - of course books!

We were looking for one in particular but with no staff around it was like searching for a needle in a hay stack. As you can see in the pictures it is wall to wall to wall books and toys. We will need to head back to get "Toads on Toast" It sounds hilarious and Scott's Aunt Sharon recommended it for Jack. Instead we found some other great stories to take home.

Karen Katz is one of our favs for baby books. We received one in the hospital from a Infant Literacy group and it has been well loved. The illustrations are adorable and Jack LOVES lift the flap books. I bought them knowing full well these will get mangled. The other book is about a baby that loves hugs and kisses.

I thought this was too much like our family not to have a copy. The cat one is especially accurate.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Chapters-loving Happily Hectic Household! 

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