Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sledding in the snow!

Scott, Jack, Lucy and I headed up the road for a walk in the snow. Sadly our road is quite short and leads onto a busy highway. Doesn't make for long walks but we did enjoy getting out the sled!

It was -17 with the wind chill so it was important to have the weather guard up today. Even though this kid was in the full winter outfit of mitts, hat, snow pants, coat and warm layers underneath this momma is a bit crazy when it comes to the cold.

Jack enjoys freedom and wiggling so we were hesitant about the sled just because it doesn't have a lap belt. The last time we used the sled he was just teeny and hated the unfamiliarity.

Despite our misgivings about cold and sledding Jack seemed to enjoy himself. He giggled when Scott ran with the sled and Lucy was convinced she was allowed to run with them. So we were all zooming down our road in a pack.

The amount of snow we have is amazing. Everything is covered and it dazzles the eyes when the sunshine hits it. I love big amounts of snow as it keeps everything looking clean. We've also learned that our yard is a high traffic deer area based on the footprints we see when we look out our bedroom.

Jack is totally digging all this snow. We stood at the step and he happily waddled away. He paused to look back and would have kept going except the plow was coming and we scooped him up.

Looking forward to some more snowy walks with this sled!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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