Friday, 25 January 2013

Preschooler Paintings: Nifty Noodle Names!

As you saw on Wordless Wednesday, this week in Preschool was the letter N. I usually spend the beginning of the week learning about the sounds of the letter, words the letter starts with and practicing writing. The rest of the week is fun programming moments that involve the letter N some how so I can incorporate all the other wonderful parts of our curriculum. Enter Nifty Noodle Name painting.
No matter how many times you remind the group "We aren't touching anything until it placed at our painting station" there is always one kid that MUST TOUCH IT.  :)
We began with four trays of paint, four pages of bristol board with their names and a selection of cooked pasta. We did observations about the pasta, learned the different names of it and compared it to the uncooked versions. They were going bananas with anticipation (the -20 weather all week has also turned all of our kids squirrely too) so we dove right into our "projects" for the day. Its cold and everyone is sick which meant for lower attendance numbers - perfect for a messy paint day!

It went something like this... grab some pasta, dip it in paint and paint your name!
 Or just dip your fists full of noodles in paint and go crazy. In this case, the messier the better.

I love listening to preschoolers have their own group chats about life. 
As a group they had a blast trying different ways to paint with the noodles, dip them in paint, mix new colours, getting outside their comfort zone when it comes to messy, and great discussions about what else you could use noodles for.   According to my 3-4s, if you have a box of pasta hanging around your cupboard you should try using cooked pasta gardening, decorating, washing dishes, cleaning windows and driving your car. Who knew noodles could be so helpful?
So awesome - so different - so very them.
They turned out fabulously and the noodle painting was a huge hit. When it comes to painting with preschoolers I cringe thinking about the blue handprints I will find later on my leg, the door and the chairs. I wrinkle my nose at the smell. I even question the usefulness of it until I actually get to the painting part and then remember how much fun it really is. And with a little preparedness (drop cloth, paint smocks, special washing station aka bucket of warm soapy water manned by me) cleanup is a snap!
YES! That was so satisfying to see my clean table again!
Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Noodley Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. Love this - looks so much fun!

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