Saturday, 5 January 2013

Playing dress up, sledding and snow romping!

Today was a beautiful day to get out and enjoy the snow.

We spent the morning puttering about the house and playing inside. We unpacked a huge bag of handmedowns from Amy! Jack looks so adorable in his new outfits I played dress up all morning. Best doll ever :) We ended with my new fav shirt of his that he wore all day.

This is one of my favourite smiles he does!
After his nap we snow suited up in a new outdoor suit! So so so cute and fits perfectly. Its a really fun colour combo of blues and oranges that feature a doggy print. And his little Columbia Fudd hat matches perfectly! It is a little less bulky than the snow suit he has been using lately because its worn previous and all of it is worked nicely. His current one is very stiff making it nearly impossible for him to help himself up when he falls.

Since the weather was milder than last time we kept the weather guard down. We tucked a blanket around his legs and Scott realized we could just zip the guard around his legs.  Looks so warm and snuggly! We also think he looks a bit like a future kayaker!

He has 10x more fun with the guard down because he could really experience his surroundings! We enjoyed it tons - so much in fact this afternoon I took 86 pictures this afternoon alone. It's okay - I know I'm crazy.
So bright - just had to sneeze!
Watching Jack explore and evaluate a new environment is so amazing to watch and I try to capture every moment. Seeing things through the eyes of a toddler is priceless. I forgot how fun it is to drag your hand in the snow while being pulled on a sled.

So naturally dragging his hand outside the sled is his favourite thing. He did it the whole time and watched intently! Our road is perfect for the sled to travel on. Just enough snow to slide easily but not too much that it is a real pain to pull up the hill.

Once we got back to the house Lucy went in to get a drink (she runs and zig-zooms across the road like a nut on her walk and is parched by the time we get back) We stayed out with Jack to play for the last little bit of daylight. Jack would honestly go for miles if he could manage the uneven snow paths. We did have to  call him back into our property when he started heading onto the road.

I don't usually get to upload videos to the blog (I will try to share more often!) because I blog from my iphone most often. But I made the extra effort to blog from my computer haha I couldn't help but share this video. His frustration is so comical I couldn't hold in the laughing. He refuses help when he falls and is not interested in slowing down when he tromps through the snow.

(Don't mind the mommy-voice over I can't control myself.)

And then we burried him in a snow bank which was hilarious. Having a kid of your own to do that sort of thing to is just plain awesome. He really got into digging and didn't seem to know what to make of the snow!

After many tears we got Jack inside as the sun was setting! He wanted to stay out to keep playing and I can't blame him really. We loved it! Fredericton sure knows a thing or two about snow accumulation. We will miss the piles of snow (but not the shovelling!) 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!


  1. Aren't kids a fantastic excuse to get out and play??? We spent Christmas in Fredericton this year, and I couldn't get over the amount of snow! Gracie loved it too, though! :)

  2. I love that he growls when he gets mad. I know another kid who does that ... YOU.. .to this day! Actually your dad does too... ugh