Sunday, 27 January 2013

Perogy Pizza: Doing Pizza a little differently!

Ever since we had the Perogy Pizza from Boston Pizza I have been dying to make our own so it isn't so spicy. Not that a little spicy isn't yummy but last time it was just overpowering and you couldn't taste anything else.  I'm a subscriber to "Real Simple" daily recipes and they often have some great ones! The other day I received one called "Potato and Bacon Pizza" and which turned out to be the perfect Perogy pizza!

I LOVE perogies! When we get together over holidays our family will often make them as a team and divide the spoils. Blast from the past - check it out here on my mom's blog! Homemade is the absolute best! I love it so much so that I think Perogy pizza could be better than your tomato sauce based pizza.

Cheese? Bacon? Potato? Green Onion? Hubba hubba.

Bring on the recipe.

Perogy Pizza

Makes one 16" pizza.
Serves 2 hungry people, 4 people eating pizza with a salad or other side dish


1 pound pizza dough - your choice what you do. When I'm off work I plan to make some dough and freeze it for this kind of occasion!
2 cups of grated cheese (your choice!)
1/2 pound of red potato, sliced very thinly
Green onions
5 strips of bacon


Preheat oven to 425F (or what is needed to cook up your pizza crust). Flatten out dough to the pan.
Top your dough with cheese, potatoes, green onion and chopped bacon.
Bake until crust is golden brown, 12-20 minutes.

Jack was very patient while we made pizza however he couldn't hold off eating his dinner before the pizza was ready. We try to time our meals so we can all munch together. But in this case we gave him a mountain of toys to play with - hilarious. 

And he enjoyed a little pizza finger from a mini pizza I made him with the leftover dough. Since he didn't need them afterall I cut it up and froze it for later this week to pack as a lunch. 

Without a base sauce this pizza has potential to be bland. We say LOAD on the bacon and green onion and do some dipping. We dipped the pizza in sour cream (YUM!) and tried donair sauce too. We vote that sour cream really makes it taste more like perogies but the donair sauce is pretty awesome also. Note: We try donair sauce on everything - it is the new ketchup.

Also load it up with some flavourful cheese. As pictured above, we used a blend of 4 cheeses that had a nice strong flavour. Your regular old mozza isn't going to cut it this time. Although, if you are cooking pizza for a little fussy bum a blander pizza might just be perfect. Again, cater to your audience and enjoy!

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