Saturday, 26 January 2013


Last week when we went to Chapters we picked up some books for Jack. What I forgot to include in the post was this AWESOME drum we found. As I was sitting watching Jack play it caught my eye (great product placement Chapters) and I had to check it out.
Trying out the train table chair... he wasn't digging it. Turns out its an awkward height and pins his knees to the table. 
Just behind Jack off to the right on a red shelf there was a whole display of Hape products. They are really well made stimulating wooden toys. I had done a lot of reading on Amazon reviewing kids drums and a common complaint was that they barely held up to any drumming before the drum head would rip. I had seen this one online and felt confident it would hold up long enough for this drum to be fun.

How right I was :D! Jack is a one man marching band with this drum. He beats the drum, walks around, rolls it and plays it with his hands. 
Some chanting and drumming on the go!
Unsurprisingly it is loud being made of wood and against the coffee table, tile kitchen or wood floors it makes quite a bang. The wooden drumming sticks are awesome and Jack easily can grasp them for drumming away on the drum (or table, dog, his own head etc).

The woman at the checkout commented "It isn't loud enough already with a little baby, you sure you want the drum?" I laughed and shrugged. Our house is loud (and our downstairs neighbours likely hate us - sorry guys, we would hate us too judging on the amount of barking and toys being dropped. Only 3 more weeks!) and so what is a drum added to the mix. I know that most people find the kid noise irritating and to that I have two words. Big and Woop. There are crazier things to listen to! (Hahah like 30+ screaming kids)

I'm happy to say our little drumming boy and his drum are quite an act to watch. Somewhere between BamBam and Keith Moon :) He's really enjoying a chance to express his own beat!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our drumming Happily Hectic Household!

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