Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year's Eve Raclette

In a break from our usual tradition, this year it was just the three of us for New Year's here in Fredericton.  For a very long time now, we've spent New Year's in Greenwood.  Due to the way New Year's fell this year and work schedules etc. it just wasn't practical for us to drive to Nova Scotia.  Mother Nature seemed to agree as there was heavy snowfall on what would have been our travel days. Dodged that bullet!

For us, New Year's is about good food and board games.  Unlike our Christmas Eve tradition (Fondue) the meal for New Year's Eve has varied almost every year.  We've done steak, ham, and even Fondue (again!).  With it just being Michelle and I for New Year's Eve we decided to go for it this year and try something new.  We've had a Raclette set for years now, but after three moves it only emerged from its box on New Year's Eve 2012.

But the question was, what do people have for Raclette??!

To the Internet we go.  Traditional Raclette is cheese, new potatoes, pickles, white wine, and tea.  That seemed a little bland so we search further and found that people serve pretty much anything with Raclette.

This is what we decided on:
  • Small New Potatoes (red, golden, and blue varieties) 
  • Sliced mushrooms
  • Chopped red pepper
  • Kielbasa sausage
  • Salami
  • Pre-cooked chicken slices
  • Multi-grain baguette
  • Gherkin pickles (traditional)
  • Slice onions

As you may have noticed, we were missing one key ingredient for our meal – the cheese!

Super traditional Raclette (a Swiss dish) involves a massive wedge of cheese in a special holder with a candle under it to melt the cheese.  The cheese is them scraped off on to the potatoes and whatever else ye olde Swiss had around.  After some research I learned that there is actual "Raclette" cheese so off to the Boyce Farmer's Marketing we go on Saturday to hit up the cheese people.  Of course, they were out of Raclette cheese but they set me up with the closest thing (in their opinion) – Oka cheese.  We also had a small wheel of Brie kicking around the house that I sliced.  And when I say sliced, I mean mangled horribly.  Trying to slice soft cheese into nice looking uniform slices with a knife is pretty much impossible.  Or at least that it what I keep telling myself.  Fortunately, the cheese melts and the end result looks the same as if it had been sliced up by a surgeon.
Delicious Cheese no matter how it is sliced.
The verdict: Amazing!  We will definitely do Raclette again and more often.  We think that it needs to have some sauces for dipping available.  Having more than two cheeses (perhaps havarti, monterey jack, swiss etc.) would also be great.  The brie was actually better than the Oka, but both were great.

The Raclette was a great way for us to finish 2012, which has been on the happiest and certainly the most hectic year of our lives.

Happy New Year!


  1. Our Raclette is smaller than yours, making for smaller trays too. We grill everything on top that we can... shrimp, beef strips and yes... chicken (super thinly sliced for quick cooking). We do veggies too.. and cheeses, potatoes.. and we do sauces. I learned that from Marie. Thats where I first learned to make the Maple Mustard sauce... I love that flavor.. always think of Marie when I make it!
    Can't wait to have raclette with you guys!

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