Monday, 21 January 2013

Love me some FunBites!

Easily chop without mangling!
Looking for a useful tool for making lunches for your little ones? Look no further!

This is FunBites! I use it all the time for making all of Jacks meals. It is brilliant invention for chopping food down into manageable bites for little hands and mouths. Its really easy to use, dishwasher safe (YES!! That is a must in our home!) and compact so it fits nicely in a cupboard or drawer. Not awkwardly stuck on your counter taking up space!

Funbites in action - but don't bother doing it on a curved surface. Plates are not ideal for chopping on  which I only realized AFTER I took this picture!
Place over your food item you want to chop. Make sure you do it on a flat surface. (FYI our plates aren't flat - don't bother trying on yours) Press all the way down and gently rock side to side by pressing your palms onto the Funbites handles. Then push down the top grid and it pops out adorable little squares. 

I love that it doesn't mangle the food no matter the texture. I find that a lot of the time I go to cut up something into pieces and it looks like I ripped it apart with my bare hands and its falling apart. (Muffins - unless they are frozen I can't get them into managable pieces without turning them to crumbs) Not only does it look better but it takes half the time - and what mom doesn't appreciate a time saving tool?

I have used it for SO many things - not just for "sandwich" type items.  Jack doesn't need his food necessarily cut up because he now knows how to hold something and take bites. His problem is he likes to take TOO big of bites and we end up with a chipmunk cheek baby hacking on something.

Rats! Mommy is onto me!
Now time to see how many of these cutie squares I can fit in my mouth...
We've used it for muffins, pancakes, quesadillas, tofu, cheese, bananas, strawberries, toast, and pieces of meat. I love making his meals quickly into safe managable portions and of course - I do like making them cute!

We tried to spell out "33" with raisin toast for 33 more days until NS but Jack got to it before I could take the picture! He can't resist!
Definitely get yourself (or a Mommy you love!) one of these for their kitchen! Easily shop online and pick one up here! The website has so many cute ideas to make lunches adorable and more appealing to picky little eaters too. They also have a really sweet heart/triangle punch that I will share in a week or two for around valentines day. For my little valentine :)!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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